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January 2019

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Yesterday was fun. Jennie and I hung out for most of the day. We were going to go see Team America, but we had a bit of trouble getting in, so we saw the grudge instead. While you're in the movies, the music and the color creep you out big time. The, you walk out, and the hilariousness of the movie hits you alike a ton of bricks. The monster looked soooo fake, and there was definatly a "Weee! Ted Raimi" for a moment. I then sadly bought a copy of Stuck on You because of my sad Matt Damon fetish.

At Stace's party, we saw Candyman. Watching the movie, you kinda wanna laugh. Badly done villan, hair catching on fire, funny sequences. Then, after the movie's over, you start thinking about the movie. What if some guy really is in the bathroom mirror? What if there really are that many bees? What is people are going to come after you with meat hooks? I was also freaked out by the fact that if u say my name 5 times in the bathroom, she'll appear as well.

Then, truth or dare was a bit disturbing. AJ took off his shirt,( ewwwwwww) he started a strip tease thing, and we got a couple people to lick spoons and forks provitacally. Emma and I don't remember who got me to admit tht I was obsessed with Hero, and AJ is "friends" with him. I sware this is going to go back to him, then I'll be screwed because then he'll be certain that i'm stalking him.

After everyone left, we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Stace and Kela saw it for the first time. Gods that's such a great movie. Almost every line can be quoted like "She turned me into a NEWT! ... I got better."
Old british comedy rocks.

I got maybe 4 hours of sleep. My nose was slightly stuffy, and when I tried blowing out of my nose, it made the monster clicky sound. I spend about 2 hours, arguing with myself that the monster was not behind me, and Jennie would NOT appreciate me calling her to freak her out with the clcky sounds.

I honestly love being scared. I wanna get scared, and If I see something good, and I actually am scared, I tell myself I never want to do this again, and it isn't healthy to stay up all night. The next day, I'm dying for Ring 2 to come out. (Gods tht lookd creepy with the creazy lady cutting the paper in the room)

OOh. The creepiest thing happed to me yesterday too. Jennie and I were in south orange, and we were walking from the train station, when this really weird guy runs up to me. He tells me I have really cool hair, and he has this friend who wanted to take a picture of it. I only had slightly reddish tips yesterday. It was so beyond random.