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January 2019

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Election day today. No matter what happens, Kerry's going to end up winning. If he ties with Bush for the electorial votes, and the supreme court rules for Bush, Kerry's going to sue the entire republican delegation out of all their money. If somehow Bush still remains president, Edwards will become the next VP, and will sabatoge all of Bush's moronic schemes. So, I guess either way, we'll have someone hot to look at in the white house for the next 4 years. :)

I failed my Driver's Ed test. I know I did.It'll be confermed next period, and I can take all my anger out on Pedulla.

I'm trying to lern how to draw. Trying, but failing. I actually drawbetter with my left hand than with my right.

I have a test in English tomorrow. I have not read any of the selections on the test, and this is supposed to be a double weighted test. Instead, I blew off yesterday reading the small pitiful amount of O11 slash I found, and trying to write the lyrics down for Vampyre Erotica by ear. I wasn't too successful with that.

I am so looking forward to the 4 day weekend that it's no longer funny. I'm also obsessed with a game on Sam's Palm Pilot. it's annoying.

Spparently, according to Joe, Schilp's first name is Christopher. Haha.

Still freaked out that AJ might have told Hero what I was forced to say about him. Gods, I'm really \trying not to look over my shoulder in the halls, but I can't freaking help it. Grrr. I'll strangle AJ with a kilt if he tells/told.

Apparently, there are people out there who can loose your respect quicker than George W. Bush. I thought that was impossible, bit I'm afraid it actually has happened.

I realized that I might have to make up the driver's ed test tomorrow, and I have a meeting that peroid. Gods this is screwed up. I'm fucked.