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January 2019

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I love Brian to death, but I find it so bloody unfair that he makes a much better girl than anyone I know, and he looks so much better in black than any living being possibly could.
Gah, could he be any more perfect?

Freaked Sam out a bit with a version of Nancy Boy where Brian starts moaning at the end. The acoustics of the song aren't the best, but damn, it send thoughts running through your head.

Mr. Schilp has cemented the fact he was gay by doing the gay dance in front of the room. Gods he's great.

I may or may not be going to get my hair done sometime during thanksgiving break. It may or may not end up silver or red, mostly because my mom hates blue, and it wouldn't match nything anyway, and neither does purple. I would do green, except that green hair is kinda disturbing. I'm down to silver and red, the other colors I wear. Dying hair black would be totally pointless, since i'm dying the other half dark brown anyway.

Mr. Schilp said undulate.

We're watching the Patriot in history. Oh the possibilities of Jason Issacs/Heath Ledger are running through my mind, especially since Jason Issacs had Heath tied up. Oh fucking gods that could lead to some very kinky porn.

The title for Evil Dildo seems to disturb everyone. Hm. I wonder why?

Sent about 60 pages worth of printed material to something called the "Inner Sanctum" in science reserch. Have no idea where that is, or what it means. It'd be funny if it was for Mrs. pitts or something.

Didn't see Hero today, and usually him and Ca*cough*blondie*cough* are joined at the hip in the morning. (mmmm. joined at the hip)
he could have been outside this afternoon, but I kinda ended up tearing out of there like a guy runs after pron. Only there was no actual visual porn in sight.