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January 2019

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Fencing season's started. Oh joy. I mean that both ways. On one hand, I get to hit at people with long sharp pieces of metal, and it's perfectly legal. On the other and, I'm out of about an hour and a half of my fucking afternoon every fucking day. On tuesdays, I have like 3 hours for homework and other shit between creative writing club and fencing practice. Joy. Isn't crap like this fun.

I also almost had a heart attack today. See, I have a stash of showen jump mangas hidden in my closet. I have every fucking issue. My mom hates mangas. Says they're crap, and she hates the subliminal messages in them. This means any sex, drug, or violence refrences. (Takes all the fucking fun out of life)
Anyway, I realized that if I take my fencing bag out of my closet, the garbage bag with the manga in it will be exposed. I contomplated throwing all the manga out, after ripping out the two I actually really enjoy. Then, Jenny said that she's store them in her house for me. I liked that idea until I got home, realized that I can actually still hide the manga, and as a last resort, cover the manga bag with a garbage bag filled with fencing equipment that belongs to the school and I didn't return last year. Then, when fencing season's over, can always use the fencing bag to hide the mangas again.

You know, pretty soon I'll have way too many mangas to hide. Wha the hell am I going to do them? Huh? Do I start trowing away beginning issues when I have too many to hide? Or do I buy really huge binders for "school purposes" rip out the manga I like, and file them?

Yeah. Im also going to have to start working on making a whole new set of emotion pics to upload onto my LJ. That's going to take forever, but at least i'll have more brian, stef, and steve.

You know, should I upload a pic randomly of hero that Jennie got for me a while back? I mean, for an emotion that isn't used too often on my LJ like Happy. That's really fucked up, and I'd feel really stalkery, but it might just be worht it.