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January 2019

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Ok. Went to see Alexander today, and I have to say, As far as Hollywood is concerned, this seems to be the most historically accurate historical movie arround. No made up main character, no major fucked up time line, no completely random main points missing, Colin Ferrel did a good job. I just have 4 small gripes about it though.

1. I understand the need to make it historically accurate, but did it really have to be that long? I saw some parts that could have been taken out and it would have made no real differnece.

2. We had to watch Colin nearly rape some girl, but all Alexander and Hephestion did was look meaningfully at each other, hugh in the most platonic way possible, and declare their love in the most platonic way two guys can declare their love for each other. They didn't even fucking kiss! They just mention at the very beginning of the movie that only Hephestion's thighs conquered Alexander.

3. For the first half of the movie, it seemed "Greeks" and "Macedonians" was used interchangebally.

4. Um. Alexander was Macedonian. I understand Alexander could have been described as "fair" but would he really have had hair that blond?

other than that, the movie was excellent. Angelina Jolie was, once again, one of the most gorgeous beings in existance. Her playing with snakes makes her even sexier.

The kid that plays the young Alexander was so adorable. And he looked like Colin Ferral(I can't spell)

I loved the touches ont he opening of the movie when they spelled Alexander out in greek and the tile came up on screen. It looked gorgeous.

The actors all did amazing jobs in this movie. Jared Leto was amazing in his role, and he totally dissapeared into his character. Jonathen Rhys Myers was great, and looked great except for the hiar. I'm not sure in the long hair suited him. Everyone looked so great, and the goddess dresses for Angelina looked great.

Finally, one last note. GUYS IN EYELINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!