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January 2019

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Too much of a good thing is excellent

So. Will ditch fencing today on the excuse that I have a horrible hip and need to rest it and will watch Away from Home later. Anticapitaing it.'

God my typing is so screwed up right now. I'm listening to the clips from Wembley, and oh gods the sound is amazing. Brian's voice makes me high and happy at the same time. Damn.

Also watched the entire DVD for Placebo Soulmates Never Die Live in paris. Discovered many things, but these strike me as the most memorable. 1.Stef looks great doing the gay dance. 2. Stef actually sounds like Brian when he sings. If you listen closely enough, you can tell it's Stef, but it's still so great. 3. Brian calls his makeup his "Pansy shit". Hmmmm.

It's sad that Brian's voice isn't as high as it used to be. 36 Degrees doesn't sound the same. *sniff*

They should release a Wembley DVD on top of Once more with feeling, which I'm going to pick up probably sunday. I just have to make sure that my mom never that dvd, but I don't think it's going to be too much of a problem.
ROTK EEE should have been shipped this morning. I'll probably get it tomorrow. Gods i'm getting high of DVD's this week. Placebo *2, Evenescense, LOTR. It would be perfect if I could cement everything by watching Once more With Felling, but I probably can't sunday. Damn.

Anyway, if my mom sees the DVD, i'll convince her that it's for a friend. I'll have to get a book at the same time too, because she knows I've ordered something. Hmm. I'll probably look into either Robert Harris or some more Anne Rice. Maybe even some Le Guin.