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January 2019

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The Biggest Hair Color Survey Ever--Only take this if you're pretty bored

Created by three and taken 41898 times on bzoink!

General - Just to get the basics down
Are you a male or female?female
How long is your hair?mid-back
Is it strait or curly?straight
Anything else about your hair other than the color?used to be longer
Now about color..
What color(s) is your hair currently?red, black, brown
Is it natural?no
If not, how long has it been that color?october
What color do you wish it was?red/black
What is your natural hair color?brown, dark roots, really faded tips
What is your favorite hair color (on yourself)?red/black
on the opposite sex?black(red)
Have you ever...
Have you ever dyed your hair in any way?yeah
Dyed your hair one solid color?yep
Colored your hair yourself?yeah
Gone natural?yeah
Highlighted your hair?yeah
Lowlighted your hair?yeah
Had streaks in your hair?yeah
Had more than two different colors in your hair at once?yeah
More than three?yeah
Dyed your hair an unnatural color?(other than red/blonde/brown/etc.) What?real red, green
wished you could color your hair but weren't allowed to?no
Messed up your hair really badly by coloring it?yeah- but it was temporary
Gotten your hair colored by a stylist?yeah
and thought you paid too much?nope, never
dyed your hair to look like someone else?no
dyed your hair so that you wouldn't look like someone else?yeah
(helped) color someone else's hair?yeah
and messed up?no
gone somewhere (party, etc) just to show off a new hairstyle?lol yeah
Colored your hair to try to impress the opposite sex?yeah
to impress someone a specific person from the opposite sex?um... yeah
liked someone for their hair (color)?HELL YES
liked someone only after they colored their hair?i guess
wished someone would dye their hair?yeah
dyed your hair and had no one notice it?i once redyed my hair with my natural color to fide faded tips, so yeah. it wasn't that noticialbe
changed your hair drastically, like black to platinum blonde? (explain)nope. will never go blonde
This or that
Streaks or solid color?streaks
highlights or lowlights?lowlights
blonde or brown?brown
light red or dark red?dark red
Jet black or platinum blonde?BLACK!!!!!!!!
normal colors or punky colors?punky
do-it-yourself or at the salon?salon
hot pink or lime green?green
intense or subtle?subtle-if done well
natural or colored?colored
electric blue or light purple?blue
thin streaks or chunky streaks?shunky
stands out or fits in?stands out
Random other stuff
How many times have you colored your hair (or got it colored)?around 20
Do you usually enjoy seeing hair changes?yeah
What is the longest you've ever spent getting your hair colored?4 hours
How old were you when you first got your hair colored?around 10
Who/What convinced you to do it the first time?mom wanted me to have highlights so I wouldn't just have dark borwn hair
What is the first color(s) you ever dyed your hair?bleached blonde highlights
Do you ever wish you had never started coloring your hair?not really. well, maybe after that green accident
How frequently do you usually dye your hair?whenever the red fades
How soon do you plan to color your hair again?in a couple weeks after the red fades
What is the next color(s) you plan put in your hair?keeping the red.

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