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January 2019

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Holy hell.
I looked the Trax up, partly cause I actually really like Paradox, parly because I thought those guys were strange, and partly cause tristinai mentioned that the creepy Myiavi like drummer's name might be Rose.
Um, that is his name. And he's not et 20.
The rest of the band isn't that much better name-wise.
There's Typhoon, the vocalist, X-mas, the guitarist, and attack the bassist. Their profile states that TRAX is from their names, and the full version of the band name is Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-Mas. Am trying to read their profile, but the character's are really small and I can't tell the difference between some of the symbolage.

I also noticed that when they sing in Japanese,t hey have a really noticiable accent. It's definatly no a bad sort of accent, and I totally caught some words that I reconized, but it's still there.

Also, most asian people will be able to tell one group of asian people from another. Thr japanese have a slighter build, korean people seem to have wider jawbones that give the face a stockier build, and so on. Just physical differences and such.
On that damn Paradox vid, only Typhoon seemed to be korean. It could just be me, but they seemed to japanese, chinese, and, um, indianish.
They don't look like that on the website, so I'm just putting it to insanity on my part.

Final Note: Doreadlocks don't work for asian people. They didn't work for You, not for Gackt, and they certainlydon't work for Attack.