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January 2019

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Ah. Science Reserch. How I will miss you next year. Well, not really, but the sheer dumbassness of the things that happen in there will be sorely missed.

We were taking group pictures for the damn symposium at the end of June, and I method of protesting is putting my iPod on as loudly as I can bear and not pay attention to anything around me. It also amuses the people standing next to me, considering they can hear my music very clearly. Like, they can make out words.
So, Mike, the guy who hurt the same ankle twice, who is standing next to me, turns and asks what band I'm listening to, cause the song doesn't sounds half bad. (TRAX PWN3S J00 ALL) I tell him it's a korean and he tells me that he listens to songs in any asian language if it sounds ok, his favorite korean bands being H.O.T., Se7en, and Shinwa.


I asked him if he knew they were boy pop bands. He said he liked their dancing.
After being seriously disturbed, I told him to go listen to the w-inds., or at least see the vid for Paradox. Figering that wasn't good enough, I got him to listen to Paradox.
After the song's over, he tells me that the girl sounds quite a bit like Ayumi Hamasaki(I think I just mutiliated her name), and sounds pretty cool. He nearly fell out is chair when I insisted that Keita is, in fact, not a 14 year old girl, and is, instead, a 20'something year old guy with a high voice.
I'm never going to be able to listen to that song without being reminded of Mike's expression.
He likes the songs Shiki and Kierida as well as Paradox. He scares me a little.

What's with this random pop-craze that I've been witnessing anyways? And why am I taking part in it? Oh. yeah. It's the guys who sound like 14 year old girls. Why am I enabling people with pop music anyways? Oh yeah. It's the guys who sound like 14 year old girls.