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January 2019

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I got Harry Potter last night round 8. It took me till 11:32 to finish reading, and I have to say that JK doesn't dissapoint.

I've had theories about HBP like nearly everyone else in the world, and a couple of them turned out to be right. Like who was going to die in HBP. And who the lion guy was.

HBP also seems to totally turn other, more popular theories around. Like how the chess match symbolises the books.

I guess I'm putting my thoughts on the book and theories behind a cut so people don't start attacking me about spoilers.

First of all, I have to say while HBP was utterly amazing, there were aspects of it that seemed too straight foreward. The majority of the book is Harry learning about Voldemort. I can kinda understand why he has to do this- he's taking in the knowledge that Dumbledore knows cause Dumbledore isn't going to be around for the final battle, and it gives Harry a chance to understand his enemy. But HBP just gives the reader so much information that it seems so different from all the other books which gave the reader some information, and allowed them to figure out the rest.

I guess that I was right that it wasn't going to be Voldemort that kills Dumbledore. I thought that Dumbledore had to die in the 6th book, or in the very beginning, like the first two chapters beginning, of the 7th book. There was no way that Dumbledore could survive to the end because he was a virtual fountain of information, and now that the reader and Harry has all the information he needs in order to put up a decent fight, Dumbledore has to leave the picture.

I also think that Dumbledore was wrong about one of the horcruxes. He said that one should have been a "natural", thus living" horcrux, and he thought it as naigi. I'm probably completely wrong about it, but I think Harry himself is a horcrux for voldemort. There's constant mention that Voldemort gave a part of himself, abiet unwillingly, to Harry, and that connection between Harry and Tom.. HBP also states that to make a horcrux, you have to kill someone. If Voldemort just killed Lily nd James, it would have been possible for the horcrux forming spell to be casted. If Voldemort gave a part of himself to Harry, couldn't it have been a part of his soul?

Harry also has to die at the end of the 7th book. I think that's the kindest thing JK could do to Harry. The entire series so has has been about Harry trying to defeat Voldemort. Since we know that no author in his or her right mind would allow the supreme evil to win, it's safe to assume that Voldemort's going to be defeated. After that, what's Harry going to do? Everything he's been striving for has been completed. He's suffered so much psychological trauma from everything that Voldemort's done. There's no way for Harry to live a normal life after Voldemort's gone. He can't just sink back into society being the hero that he is/will be, and how could he continue to live a normal life after all everything he's gone through. JK can't build up everything in the novel to be about Harry fighting Voldemort, then after Voldemort dies, have Harry leading a peaceful like as an auror or something tracking down death eaters.
If I'm correct about Harry being a Horcrux, which I'm probably not, Harry has to die so that Voldemort doesn't have a soul anchor in the living world. Since Harry can' be the only one to take down Voldemort, he probably has to kill Voldemort, then either have someone kill him, like an avenging death eater, or kill himself, be allowing himself to die from battle wounds and such.

Snape's a complex character. He did kill Dumbledore, yet one could say that he did only because of the unbreakable vow. Snape claims to be a redeemed character working as a double agent, but it's not really clear what side he's working for. At the moment it seems Voldemort's, but that means that Snape is completely and utterly loyal to Voldemort. That's not like Snape. He's not subservient enough to be a character that's just aradical supporter of Voldemort. Snape has to be working for himself, to gain power for himself. Besides Lucious, all the other Death Eaters are either mindless or somewhat insane. Snape, and Lucious, are definatly different from the other death eaters. Yet it is sleightly strange that a half blood would be one of Voldemort's closent servent, when Voldemort values pure blood above all else.

This has nothing to do with the continuing plot of the book, but I think that Voldemort's a sociopath. All the signs are there. Cruelty towards animals when young, which he did to bully someone, but most bully wou'dnt hang a rabit as revenge, separation from society, like he had no close friends, and lack of emotion, even at that young age. Tom Riddle just had ambition for power, He had no one that he completely trusted, and he became somewhat psychotic in his teenage years.

Finally, I think JK got smart with the amount of subtext that goes on between Draco and Harry, cause there really wasn't much interaction between the two characters. For some reason, I hate the Harry/Ginny pairing above all others. I think it's because Ginny seems a bit mary-sue-ish to me. That god that didn't last long.

I am seriously wonder when the last beek's going to come out, and it better not be too long. I think I can officially count myself back in the fandom.