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January 2019

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Ever since I started to Asian rock, I've realized that I had a problem with English music. I could never figure out what it was exactly, but whenever I sat and constantly listened to songs in english, I'd get frustrated and either retreat back to the asian music, or just turn my speakers off.
Awhile ago, I finally read something that showed me what the problem.
Essentially, the writer was saying how in western music, there were specific genres of music, and it was a box. Bands will often rigidly refuse to leave their box genre, and pretty soon, they’ll start sounding like all the other bands in that genre.
That why so many English speaking bands sound alike, and that’s why it’s so confining.
From what I’ve heard of Asian bands, they refuse to trap their music in a box, and bands can write the most random songs. You have metal bands writing things that could pass off as ballads, you have grunge rock bands writing dance pop songs, and bands never seem to stick to one sound. If a band has enough songs written, you could find a song for every possible mood.
It’s hard to find an English speaking band that pushes the boundaries of their genre. I could think of a handful, and most of them don’t have nearly enough songs to keep me satisfied.

My other problem is that I have yet to find an English speaking band that has written an instrumental solo to die for. I could put a number of Japanese or Korean songs on repeat for days purely for their guitar/bass/drum solo, but I really can’t find any english speaking bands I’d listen to for solos.

Eck. All this might have some from the fact that I am now completely addicted to Kodou by Dir en Grey, and it’s far from being happy and accepting.
It also has great instrumentals, and a PV to die for.