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January 2019

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Looking for HIM songs earlier, I, for some reason, was reminded of My Chemical Romance, then why I actually had fun in math class.

Fox gave us a ton of work and told us we could work with other people and stuff if we weren't completely antisocial.
AJ and Mike M. decided to come and mooch answers from and and sat down behind me and Mike, the kid who used to listen to asian boy band pop last year.

Aj and Mike and Mike keeps poking me for answers. Asian Mike's complaining that he's an embarrassment to the asian race cause he can't do math, and we're kinda having fun (not) doing the math.
Randomly, Aj's like "OMG You're so emo. Go sit in a corner and listen to My Chemical Romance."
Being the most random thing ever, I burst out laughing and Aj's like "OMG. Emo's can't laugh. You'll be lynched by the emo cult for laughing. Stop Laughing! You're emo! You can't laugh!"
Mike (asian pop boy) is completely confused. "What's emo?"
AJ and I just look at him for a minute, then I'm like "Well, I guess it's an opposite of prep."
Mike has no idea what prep is.
Aj and I tell him that he should be a cover boy for asian prep, and he's still confused.
Then I told him that he's Mr. Yi in high school form, cause Mr. Yi is the asian cover boy.
Mike says he'd never go to Princeton, and Aj and I confirm that he, therefore, can't be asian.
We fall back to doing the math problems, then Aj pokes me and wines that he can't do the problems. He's pulling his hair over his eyes and looks all depressed so I say tht if anyone is emo, it's him.
He's like "Yeah. I'm going to go cut me wrists now and be emo."
Mike still doesn't get what emo is. He's like "Isn't it supposed to stand for emotional? Don't they cry a lot and look angry?"
I'm trying to give him examples.
" Is Paul emo?"
-Paul is not emo. He's poser-punk/emo. Mostly cause he gets all his "punk" ideas from bad songs.
-WTF? Where the hell did that come from?
-Um, what about Albert? He vaguely looks emo.
"Who's he?"
-the guy who used to have long red hair.
"They all look the same!"
-Dude. You're such a prep.
"I still don't know what that is!"

Then we realize that Todd's finished all his work. So Mike gives him the finger, and we fall into a discussion about which non asian people in out school are asian. Like Mark. Mark's more asian than asian people. The other Mike could maybe be asian, but if anything, he's japanese, and Japanese people aren't really asian in that in our school, not too many of them study 24/7.

That seriously had to be the best math class I have ever had. I got no work done, but it was still fun.