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January 2019

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Engrish is so utterly fun.
I'm adding passionable to my vocabulary.
I think it's a bit funny that Micky of DBSK is always prodded to speak english when every time he has to, he makes up complete gibberish.

I was also watching a S.O.A.P. PV and was totally confused because there were three girls in the vid instead of guys. At the end, the guys pull of their wigs and gather around the camera dressed in drag, but I definitely thing they got girls for the close ups. The close ups looked nothing like Ken Sakura or Ian.

Started my character list for NaNoWriMa. I'm gonna have too much fun with this.
I just hope I can get my laptop in working order soon. It's so much more comfortable and speedier typing on the laptop then on a bulky keyboard. I need all the edge I can get.
I'm also gonna make a playlist for all my characters. It's gonna be between 15-20 songs and should kinda define the characters. Considering I have a month to get this story to work, I'm not going to make the character too complicated. The means nothing like the Cardigans's "Love Fool" on the same list as "Orange" by Seo Taiji.
I've got about 7-8 characters planned, so I can have a bit of fun with their personalities.
Still working on a name for my MC. I got the name of my other characters, just not my MC. I hate naming MCs. I just can't name someone something so normal like Vicky and have her a complete nutcase, and I can't name someone something really weird like AUDHILD(rich, warrior-woman) and have her act like a normal person half the time.
I'm looking through name sites, bit I can’t seem to find a good name.
I also need to spell the name without a second thought. Nothing weird like SAROHILDI(armored battle-maid).
I'll be name searching till Oct. 31 when I'll hastily settle for anything cause I've run out of time.

I've become really attached to the name Tyr for a guy. I think it's the spelling.