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January 2019

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I have made a new header and have reverted back to the opal style. I couldn’t deal with the s1 style any longer.
Basically, we have here 1 pop singer, 2 ex-pop singers now rock singer, and 1 singer that was almost put into a pop band, then switched to a rock band.
Korea has way too many pop bands. In theory, it seems that S. Korea could supply the rest of the world with pop bands, and still have room left over for pop from the US or something.
*sigh. At least all these guys have amazing voices.

So, I redid this about 90 times, mostly because I kept taking people out. It just didn’t make too much sense in my mind to have one Japanese guy stuck in the middle of Koreans. So I had to ditch Miyavi, hyde, Kiyoharu, Kyo, Gackt, hide, and the singer from Phantasmagoria whom I do not know the name of. I searched forever for a pic of that singer from Ares, but I can’t seem to find one. Probably because Ares is one band that cannot be affiliated to pop in any way. No former member was in a pop band, they haven’t achieved fame and glory inside korea, and they have music that’s really good. Damn. The lead singer did seem to be the only asian that can pull off the fro.

I guess this is the first graphic of any sort I put Moon HeeJun into. The guy is awesome.
It’s strange, because the first song of his I heard and automatically loved, Generous, I don’t even consider rock, especially cause half the melody in the song is taken from my second favorite “classical”* song ever. First being, of course, Beethoven’s 5th.
*- I’m not a hundred percent sure the theme from Romeo and Juliet can be considered a classical, but I’ve seen it on so many albums of violinists and pianists playing classical music that I just consider it one.

It is a bit weird, for me anyway, that Moon HeeJun used to be one of the biggest pop stars in all of Korea. But then again, the only HOT song that I seem to like, Outside Castle, was written by him. His solo stuff is pretty cool. Most of it’s quiet rock, there’s a couple pop rock in there somewhere, mostly on his first album, but his rock rock stuff rocks. 
He does have a great voice. Love his falsetto and his grunge.
Added bonus points to him cause his hair seems to have been every colour under the sun. I think he’s got one up Jae, who I don’t believe, had albino white hair, which I find one of the coolest things ever. Jae, you haven’t had dyed white hair, right?
I also find it funny that he wears tons of eye-shadow of matching colour when his hair’s pink or light blue.
His head-bangs are harder than Gackt’s, which seems somewhat hard to believe. I’m surprised his back hasn’t given out yet.
And I love his eyebrow piercing.

I don’t know how long this header’s going to last. I don’t think the colour sceme is that good, but I think I’ll keep it. I’m too busy to fool around with it further.

Now, back to writing.