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January 2019

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Moon Hee Jun

I find some of the worst band names ever in korean pop bands. Not bad like "hey that's so utterly bad it's funny" like bump of chicken or green revolution nuns from mars(or something like that), I mean bad bad. Like "High-Five of Teenagers" bad. At least the acronym isn't that bad.
But someone there must have been smoking a couple barrel-fuls of pot when they came up with the name Super Junior.
What the hell?
It might make some crazed sense if it was a group of 12 little prepubesent kids, but for a bunch of guys who are all old enough to drive, that is one horrible name.

Ok. "Punk" may be the new in, but combines with long wavy mullets, the look just does not work. It ends up looking like a cross between tomboy and "i had a fight with my curling iron today".
P.S. "natural" red hair, aka orange hair in mullet form does not work for asians. kthnkx.

And when you have a group that had 12 members, it will take forever to learn their names. It took me forever with just 5 member bands, twelve will cause people's heads to blow up.
Oh, and, fitting 12 people onto a tiny stage looks really awkward. They look crowded.
At least they'll never need backup dancers though.

Their single isn't really that bad. When you have 12 guys doing a chorus, you do get a nice diverse sound. and ok, DongHae is adorable
I'll see if these guys grow on me. If they don't I'll just stay with DBSK for my life's quota of pop music.