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January 2019

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Sigh. This is anoying me to hell. Now, don't tke this the wrong way, but guys are so much better than girls. I mean to hang out with.

Example. Let's just say that a guy and a girl are annoying you to hell. If you threaten the guy to stab him with a pencil, unless he's someone like Alex Jacobs, he's probably laugh about you threatening him and make nothing of it.
If you do the same to a girl, threaten her I mean, she's most likely a) tell the nearest adult, b) tell her parents, or c) call your parents about how you need therapy.

Another example. Let's say you tell a girl something perverted but funny. Like Ents getting morning wood.
Now, a lot of girls would be like huh? What?

Guys would cringe at the thought of a 3000 year old creature getting... um, yeah.

Final example. You beat the shit out of a guy, they'll laugh, come back for more, thinking it's fuunny. Usually.

Now, beat up a girl, she'll turn into super bitch, get all "Now I'm not going to be your friend" and do either a), b), or c), or a combo of any of the 3.

Now, I'm not trying to offend anybody, I'm telling things the way it is.

I mean, Spencer is more fun than a lot of girls I know. That might be wrong, but it's true.

Greg James tkes things better than a girl would.

*Sigh* I think that's why I've had at least 5 guy friends every year. You need someone to take your anger out on by either being a) violent, b) perverted, c) crazy), d) all of the above.