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January 2019

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Dear yuletide author

 Hello lovely yuletide author!

Tis the time of the year where I get happier with the cooler weather in this northern hemisphere (though not at the time of this writing), and I get excited about yuletide. I am focusing on the good things at the moment and not the dumpster fire that's spread to a landfill four-alarm inferno that is 2017. SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS this year for yuletide, and I'm happy we've matched up on at least one of these. Seeing as we share at least one common interest, here's a link to my pinboard -perhaps we read in one if not some of the same fandoms and seeing the fics I finish reading might help you along somewhere if you come across the blank wall of no inspiration like I do sometimes. Also, my tumblr- perhaps there's something in between my cat reblogs that triggers an inspiration. 
And hey. If none of my waffling "prompts" speak to you as our thinking styles are too discordant, write what you love. I'd be happy to receive something to read in any of the fandoms I picked. 

Some Generalities

Feel free to write at whatever rating you want!  I love gen fic as well as pairing fic, so write whatever you're comfortable with. I don't have any triggers, so go ahead and hit on whatever topics you feel like would be appropriate in the story that struck you: don't go off hunting for weeks for the perfect prompt that won't disturb me.

Things I love that may not be appropriate for all my picks, but this is a general grab-bag:
character studies, noticeable author voices when tonally appropriate, characters being super competent in whatever their thing is, found families, nerdy dives into detail.

If you're writing asshole characters, which may be likely considering my picks, don't feel like you have to de-asshole-ify anyone. It's probably why I love those characters in the first place. The more violent and murdery, the better.  *cough* Within context appropriate reason. Fav show of all time is Hannibal: you can't do worse. 

I'm not too huge on fic that's overly fluffy for fluff's sake, and I'm not a great big fan of crack fic. H/c seems slightly unlikely considering my requested fandoms and prompts: I don't hate the trope, but I don't gt much out of it.

I prefer non-alternate universe stories for yuletide since there's so few fics for the fandoms nominated that I'd love to see the characters in their natural habitats. Though, alternate endings or alternate timeline fics are totally cool are are barely au's to me anyways.

Onto the fandom-y part of the letter : HAPPY WRITING!

Atomic Blonde
My Love for this movie, specifically all the parts of Lorraine beating the shit out of people and also having that relationship with Delphine, cannot be articulated in just simple words. Lorraine as that non-sentimental spy (except in brief flashes), hard edged and seen-it-all, fighting basically every other dude she meets. She doesn't seem to hate her job, even if she does have her exhausted moments crawling out of her ice baths.  Delphine's too sweet and new to the world, in over her head, and so drawn to the cold flame that is Lorraine. I absolutely ship Lorraine/Delphine. Also, David is an asshole and I enjoyed the fuck out of his terribleness. (not in a shippy way with Lorraine!)

My main want in Atomic Blonde fic is something Lorraine focused, at any point in time, pre, during, or post movie. I just want in her head, whether that shows that she's all business all the time, if she has any simmering feelings about the job she's doing, what she feels about other characters, how she's playing the triple-agent game so well. How did she get this way, is she like that in her own head, does the events in the movie affect her deeply going fowa I love her interactions with Delphine and David, so if that's what you want to play around with, I am there for it! If you're into they spy genre, play around with all the tropes to your heart's content. I would like for Lorraine to hit at least 1 dude throughout the course of the story if possible.

아가씨 | The Handmaiden
I LOVE THESE LADIES! So much. Individually and together. I love how the movie painted such a good picture of both sides of these women, the roles they were playing and what they were really like without artifice. I love these women together. I love how SookHee meets Hideko and immediately has an 'Oh no, she's hot' moment that leads her feelsings. I love how Hideko feels about SookHee destroying the library for her. I love these two women reaching out to each other in their own ways, even in the midst of their deception of each other, and once they make their real connection, becoming such a force together. I love how sex is such a gross thing for Hideko, a thing to present to perverted men, and SookHee awakens that side of her. I love how SookHee seems like she's spent her entire life playing the game to survive, but can't keep it up around Hideko. The way they have to navigate around society and men is super interesting, and I love how it's ultimately SookHee's older female friends who help them since every man in this world is awful. I'd love an exploration of these characters, either one or both. How did they get here? Where are they going? What were more moments they had through the timeline of the movie? Please feel free to write as much (or as little) filth as you want. If you're writing future fic, please avoid any scenarios that involve them having/adopting a kid and becoming mothers together. 

Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the D'Urbervilles
Look. I love villains. I love asshole villains, and I love genius villains. I super super love villains as protagonists. And I am so into the tone and humour in this book. I love how unrepentant Moran is. I love how Moriarty goes to ludicrous lengths to drive someone to madness with squid. I love how that basically everyone they meet is The Worst. I love how even Moran is unsettled by how creepy and weird and reptilian Moriarty is. And I love the framing structure of the book. There's something about the thought of the Moran in this book sitting down from time to time to write these cases up. He may be violent and thuggish, but he's got artistic and journalistic aspirations. Also, yeah, I am super into all the Sherlock Holmes easter eggs and in jokes. 
I'd love any exploration of this world from Moran's pov. Whether it's his thoughts or his sitting down to write up his ridiculous life. Anything from a quiet night in, to Moran reacting to extreme Moriarty Nonsense, or even to Moriarty putting together the crime that The Detective has to come in later to solve. 

My friend and I went to see RED2 for Lee ByunHyun and Helen Mirren, and we were super not disappointed. I requested Han ChoBai singly since I didn't want to require you write him with other characters around since I'd be super happy reading a character piece on him alone, or with any of the other RED characters, especially Victoria. Han's deadly enough at his job, but he has his moments of taking it up to 11. What kind of agent was he before the betrayal? What kind of free-lance work was he doing to get by afterwards? What's he really thinking when he puts aside his baggage and helps Frank and the others out to help the world? If you're open to exploring his relationship with Victoria, what's that even about? Amazing deadly bad ass Victoria just hops in the car with him and trusts Han to be on their side and take her where she needs to go. So. Who is Han ChoBai? Who can you, dear yuletide author, make him out to be?

I don't ship Sun and Wolfgang, exactly, I just want to explore their relationship from every possible angle. Everyone in the cluster has their own relationship to each other, friendly, romantic, barely interactive-but-institutionally supportive, but Sun and Wolfgang's dynamic, aside from these two being my favourite characters, grabbed my attention, especially in season 2. (Season 1 put out parallels, season 2 really developed them) Outside of the times when they need to kick ass, Sun and Wolfgang show up to support each other in such interesting moments. They have the same instincts when dealing with threats. They expect similar actions from their enemies. Sun calms Wolfgang down, and he backs her up. Wolfgang has absolutely no wierdness about Sun stepping in to fight for him.  Their family drama seems to connect them together  in a way, and they seem to have a similar attitude when it comes to violence, though maybe not killing. How do you, lovely yuletide author, characterize the relationship they're carving out with each other? Any look at these two in relation to each other, would be absolutely amazing,, no matter what track you take. 

Saints Row
"My favourite part of murdering, is the murdering part"
It's been a good long while since I've played Saints Row 2, but boy did I do an SR4 replay recently. And I have gone through SR3 and Gat Out of Hell.
I love that Johnny Gat loves what he does and gives absolutely no fucks. I love that he enjoys most of it. I love that he tries to shoot Satan I love how SR44 (my absolute favourite of the games for it's sheer over the top ridiculousness) Gat is made to have been such a badass that aliens kidnap him before the invasion because they're so scared of him. I play female Boss, and I love Johnny's relationship with her, as her staunch second and also kind of her best friend (and I'm into the whole- Johnny's back from the dead and Boss realizes that she's in love with him- romance in SR4 : you don't have to make it shippy if you don't want!) And I love Boss on her own. She's someone who seems to ramp everything up to 11 immediately, and that attitude lets her take a small street gang to the top to take over the white house. (Boss sounds like such an acceptable president alternative rn. She had policy plans). And playing as Female Boss makes it so much more badass.
I want an exploration of Johnny's relationship with Boss, whether it's the time they're getting to know each other, whether they're building up the gang, whether it's they become such high celebs in SR3, or on that spaceship in SR4. The fact that their bonding time in SR4 is just murder- arcade is too damn fun. I want to see more of that relationship explored at any point in their timeline.