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January 2019

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Yuletide 2018: Dear Author

Dear Darling Yuletide Author

Welcome. To the most stressful yuletide writing I do every year aka the letter. I put signups on my calendar, and yet, I never have my letter ready when I want it to be ready. But. I'm very excited to be meeting you here, dear author, masked and hidden in shadows in the dark winter night as you're getting me the good stuff...

Well, to the point. If you need to scope me out, this is me on pinboard (i read a lot of fic) and tumblr.

I'm always just super happy to receive anything, but I too know the terror of trying to figure out what exactly I could even write if the author is too open ended. I hope I can provide you with something that will catch your muse and give you something to latch onto and build a story off of. I'll word dump all my likes and perhaps something will speak to you.

General Points
Feel free to be as gen or shippy as you please.
I require no trigger warnings and nothing is off-limits.
For yuletide, I prefer in-canon fic rather an AU fic.. (I mean, no to fully alternate universes like everyone is a cop now!, not universe augmented like soulmate bonds which would be fine)

character studies. noticeable author voices when tonally appropriate. characters being super competent in whatever their thing is. found families. nerdy dives into detail. gothic moods.


Pure fluff. H/C. Kids or babies.


Atomic Blonde
I am still obsessed with Lorraine and I need anything you can give me about her. I found her relationships with Delphine and David (non-shippy) super compelling, I loved it when she hit things, I love the mood she sets when she walks through cities in her amazing fashion, ready to throw down. I love when she used her stilettos as weapons. I love that she's basically a tank that won't stop.

I love that hard edge that Lorraine has, and those moments when she pulls herself out of ice baths for the bruising, but she isn't brooding about her difficult job. She doesn't seem to love fights like some other action heros, but she doesn't seem to want to avoid them either.

I would love your take on Lorraine's headspace, about her life, her job, about Delphine or David, I also super loved the cool sold-war-era spy thriller tone of the movie, and any moodiness is icing on the cake for me.

Ocean's 8
I love. ALL of these ladies. Like. Lou is there and I die, but suddenly there's Nine Ball and I die again. And Constance is hilarious and then Daphne walk in and it's all too much to handle.

I'd love to see group dynamics with these women. Two characters interacting, multiple ladies finding ways to fit in each other's spaces, hanging out before parting ways (temporarily?), Daphne getting her female friends and loving the heck out of them, them all. Mayhaps they don't all hang out at once because it's seriously hard to coordinate 8 adults together, but they hang out in groups and have standing drinks night where people show up when they can. Maybe they find awesome ways to stay in each other's lives post heist.

I just need any combination of these amazing ladies together.
Gen or shippy,, I'd pair almost any two of the 8 up with each other and I'd read it (though I do see Lou and Debbie as wives)

Sakeru Gum
It's been months and I can't get that sexy sexy saxophone out of my head. I need to read about Mr. Long Long Man. Who is is? How is his saxaphone so sexy? Why is he so dramatic? (Showing up at the wedding??) How did he fall for Tooru-san? What's their long-short relationship even like?? Did he ever even really notice Chi-chan throwing herself at him?

I need to learn everything you wish to share about Mr. Long Long Man and his. long. long. candy.

On a sidebar, a look at Chi-chan's weakness for long things. Would also be hilariously delightful.

Society of Gentlemen-KJ Charles
Silas Mason was such a fantastic character and I'd love to get anything from his point of view. I loved that he was political. I loved that he loved his books. I loved that he was a cantankerous grump. He came from the unpriviledged part of town, had all his rough edges, and never apologized for any of it. I loved that he couldn't quit Dominic as much as Dominic couldn't quit him. I'd love a look at Silas, from his own pov, from Dominic, some a third party, porny or a quiet slice of life.

Mayhaps, how did the arrangement look at at the start? How does Silas settle into his new life at the end of the book? How does he live his political life? What's he like in his bookstore? Any way I can get more Silas, I'll take it!

Star Trek: Discovery
I thought I loved Captain Philippa Georgiou and was almost as sad as Michael when she was killed off. Then. Discovery jumped to the mirror universe and Her most Imperial Majesty, Mother of the Fatherland, Overlord of Vulcan, Dominus of Qo'noS, Regina Andor, Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius holocalled on deck, and I was starry-eyed in love. Bisexual emperor of my heart.

I need any and all character study on Emperor Georgiou.How did she grow up and when did she learn to fight like that? How did she get so good in bed that she's teching Orions thing now? How did she become emperor? How did she defeat and take over the vulcans, andorians, AND the klingons? How did she get Michael? How was her relationship with Lorca and Michael before it all went bad? Is she responsible for the awesome looking gold art deco metal decor? She seemed so smug when pretending to be a starfleet captain: how much fun was she having?

I figure we'll get to see a bit of what happens to her when she's let loose in the main universe in Season 2, so I'm not as antsy for that. But. If that's an awesome way for you to delve into the awesomeness of Emperor Georgiou, that would also be brilliant.

Sunless Sea
The TONE of the fallen london games is just the perfect mood setter: incomprehensible unknowable horrors, the dark lure of the sea. I would just love a piece that delves into the atmosphere and mood of the game. If you want to focus on a character and their relationship to the underzee, that would be lovely. If there's a ship trawling the pitch black zee, fighting with the urge to delve into cannibalism, also lovely. If an adventurer sets sail with good intentions, and the creeping darkness of the zee sinks into their pores and temps them, corrupting them to the ways of the zee, mood.