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January 2019

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LOTR Music Vids

Allright. I've been wallowing in my own pleasure for far too long. The music vids I've downloaded are either utter crap, very funny, very angsty, or downright making me horney. I figure I shouldn't have to go through this alone, so here's a couple links to good pages with LOTR music vids. I'll be linking to the main page. I'll truns you can find your way from there.

She has tons of great vids, however, some are not advaliable for download at the moment.

Dead Boy's Poem
Most of these vids are Boromir-centric. There's some really good Ronhan centered ones. Also, she does a couple of slash vids. Not that they're graphic or anything. Anyway, very strongly recommend her works, especially the ones that have won awards.

Frozen Tears
Again, very good vid site. Definatly recomment the ones that have won awards.

Video Vision
Not all the vids on this site are for LOTR, but they're good.

This author does some slash too, but they're actually pretty good. With the non-slash ones, thay are hilarious Definatly recomment "Still not King" and "Bright Side of Life".

Stealth Kitty
She has a pretty good collection of vids.

Return to Innocence
This site has both HP and LOTR vids, but I haven't checked out too many of the HP vids. (Not enough Draco) Anyway, Di and Lenna are amazing vidders, and they also have a collection of ids done by other ppl, so definatly recommend this site.

Blade's LOTR Vid Awards
Blade has a list of good vids from all over the web. The links to the vids that have won awards are listed on this page.

Simply Sonia
This site is mostly deticated to Orlando Bloom and Buffy/Angel. Her vids are really good. The Orlando ones are pretty hot, and she also has some of her brother's vids and other LOTR vids under Misc. She sometimes has banwidth problems, so downloading might be a little difficult.