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January 2019

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Past few days.

Since I haven't really had the time to update in the past few days, I guess I'll go it all at once.

Saw Wicked. It was pretty good. Music was cool, and story was pretty close to the origional Wizard of Oz. Also, there were funny moments there. One more note. Glinda is the perkiest, prepiest, most annoying bitch there is out there. It's like combinind Tamaroff, Sherman, and the entire millburn cheerleading squad together, with an extra dose of perkiness. God. Noone can be that fucking perky and live to see past 18.

Also, reading Anne Rice all these week.
List of her books (Under Anne Rice). *-read **-own

Vampire Cronicles

Interview With the Vampire**
The Vampire Lestat**
Queen of the Damned**
Tale of the Body Theif**
Memnoch the Devil**
The Vampire Armand**
Blood and Gold**

Tales of the New Vampires

Vitorro the Vampire*

Mayfair Witch Series

The Witching Hour*

Vampire/Mayfair Witch Books

Blackwood Farm*
Blood Canticle*

The Feast of All Saints
Cry to Heaven
The Mummy or Ramses the Damned*
Servant of the Bones*

I guess that means I just have to work on reading the non-series novels she's written. Working on buying all her stuff.
The other books she's written under Anne Rampling and A. N. Roquelaure I haven't touched. The ones under Rampling, Exit to Eden and Belinda, are supposed to be good. The ones under Roquelaure are erotica, so still thinking on it.

Also, while I was reading Merrik, I was nearing the end of the booka nd a chapter, and a line pops up. Now taken out of context, it's extremely hot.

"'Harder, yes, take it from me,' came Lestat's low insistent command. He spoke in French now. 'Harder, more of it, take it, take all that I have to give.'"

When I got to this line, I did a double take, and read it again. And again. And again. (He's taking to Louis by the way) Then, I decided I needed to take my mind off the picture forming in my head. I put down the book, but picked it right back up. The beginning of the next chapter describes 3 people dressing a naked Louis. Now, if that isn't hot, I have no fucking idea what is.

And reading Anne Rice has actually turned me onto slash. (guy guy pairings) I mean, certain works I'll never accept slash pairing, like LOTR. Tolkien, being a devout catholic would never write slash, so I will not support any slash in LOTR. I guess I can't really be a purist since I love the movies, but I definatly sticking to Tolkien's pairings.

With stuff like HP and POTC, i'll go with maybe 1 slash pairing. Just small paring that just seem so cute/adorible/right.

Then, finally, with stuff with Anne Rice and manga that many people refuse to read, I'll go with almost every paring possible. I mean, some are just downright wrong (not in Anne Rice's works) due to age difference, and personality.

Now, this

is Victor Webster. Very yummy. Also from the tv show Mutant X where Forbes March is from, he's the tough guy. He's a bit more well built than most of the other guys I think are hot, but he's definatly seomthing.

Finally, Orlando time. Found a group of pics, but this one was just so... breathtaking.

Orlando has ddefinaly grown out of boyish handsomeness and gown into someone who coud definaly knock people off their feet.