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January 2019

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Found this on Stace's Xanga. Decided it would be interesting. Some questions have been tweeked/modified to fit.

Story (or movie) of My Life

Opening Credits: Somewhere I Belong- Linkin Park

Waking up scene: The Hero Dies in this One-The Ataris

Average day scene: The Road I'm On- 3 Doors Down

Best friend scene: Crash and Burn- Savage Garden

First date scene: Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5
(Couldn't help myself)

Falling in love/lust scene: Little Gothic- Seraphim Shock/Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics/ The Scientist- Coldplay

Love/Lust scene: Animal- Def Leppard
(Something about this song. Well, the chorus mostly applies here)

Fight with friend scene: Headstong- Trapt

Break up scene: My Immortal- Evanescense/ No More Sad Songs- Clay Aiken

Get back together scene: First Cut- Sheryl Crow/ Killing me Softly- Fugees

"Life's okay" scene: Here I Am- Bryan Adams

"Life's not okay" scene: Fallen- Sarah McLachlan

Heartbreak scene: Desert Rose- Sting

Mental breakdown scene: Fable- Robert Miles/ Unwell- Matchbox 20/ Need a Hero- Bonnie Tyler

Driving scene: More to Life- Stacie Orrico/Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down

Lesson learning scene: Mad World- Tears for Fears
(Never knew this was from Donnie Darko. Actually got it off a LOTR music vid)

Deep thought scene: Behind Blue Eyes- Limp Bizkit/

Flashback scene: Breaking the Law- Judas Priest

Party scene: Highway to Hell- ACDC

Happy dance scene: I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack

Angry scene: All My Problems- Smile Empty Soul

Long night alone scene: 10th Man Down- Nightwish

Death scene: Show Must Go On- Queen/ Playground- Madonna

Closing credits: Final Countdown- Europe