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January 2019

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Understanding - not really
Opeminded minded- nope
Arrogant - yeah
Insecure - nope
Interesting- i guess

Random - yep
Friendly - generally, no
Smart - yeah
Moody - extremely

Childish - not really
Independent - yeah
Hard working - not really
Organized - definatly not
Healthy - don't care
Emotionally Stable - no
Difficult - yeah
Attractive - no

Bored Easily - yeah
Responsible- probably not
Sad - many times, but I try not to show it unless it's extreme
Happy - hardly ever. I'm high
Hyper - if I'm high enough

Trusting - no fucking way
Talkative - depends who with

I WANT: thie things I want I can never have
I HAVE: the things I have I don't necessarly want
I WISH: the earth would explode randomly

I HATE: almost everyone and everything

I MISS: Jason
I FEAR: the light
I WONDER: how long it'll take me to die
I LOVE: nothing

:what did you do :
last birthday: had dinner, watched lotr
christmas: slept
halloween: wint to gav's house, then rosses for a movie, spray painted bob's and jb's hair pink
what do you think about pop music: shudder
about boy bands: twitch
about flag burning: all for it.
about rock/metal music: great stuff
do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: no
do you have a picture of him/her: don't have boyfriend
do you have a picture of yourself: burned all i could find, except the ones for the history porject
do you go by looks or personality: depends on the person. Usually a combo of both- steer away from blond girls.
so what is your bf/gf/crush like: a total moron, an isiot, and one of the most perverted male beings on the planet
Best eye color? deep black. makes the person seem soul-less
Best hair color? black.
Short or long hair: long.

makes u laugh the most? don't really know. I'm easily amused often.
makes you smile? Orli. Well, mosre specifically, his pics.
who do you have a crush on? not repeating this again
has a crush on u? no one

Last Song you Sang: sang? Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, comming out of school 20 mins ago
Last Thing You Laughed At? don't remember.
What's Under Your Bed?: stuff
What Time Did You Wake Up Today?: 6:45
Favorite Place to Be?: in front of my computer
If You Could Play An Instrument?: i've gone through about 8 of them, and i've hated them all.
Do You Believe In An Afterlife?: i believe there's a hell
How Tall Are You?: 5'4.5
Favorite Season?: winter
One Person From Your Past You Wish You
Could Go Back And Talk To: Jason
Favorite Weekday?: saturday
Where Would You Like To Go?: england, scotland, greece, turkey, japan, and romania