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January 2019

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I had to fill this out. Don't know why, have no reason for it.

::Top Three:: [At The Moment]

Top Three Favorite Bands
[1] Linkin Park
[2] Story of the Year
[3] Smile Empty Soul/Judas Priest

Top Three Favorite Movies
[1] LOTR
[2] POTC
[3] Last Samurai
(Troy hasn't come out yet)

Top Three People You Love
[1] Orlando Bloom
[2] N/A
[3] N/A

Top Three Favorite TV Shows
[1] Mutant X
[2] Andromeda
[3] Angel

Top Three Ice Cream Flavors
[1] Mint Chocolate Chip
[2] Coffee
[3] Lemon/Lime

Top Three Celebrity Crushes
[1] Orlando Bloom
[2] Matt Damon
[3] Forbes March

Top Three Cartoon Crushes
[1] Vampire Alucard: Hellsing
[2] Seto Kaiba, Marik/Malik, Ryou/Bakura, Yami, Duke, Joey: Yu-Gi-Oh
[3] Kyo/Faye: Alice 19th

Top Three Musician Crushes
[1] Enrique Iglesias
[2] Jon Bon-Jovi
[3] Bryan Adams

Top Three Places to Hang Out
[1] in front of my computer
[2] in my room
[3] at Barns & Noble

Top Three Favorite Animals
(not really an animal fan, but if I had to pick)
[1] Tiger
[2] Pigs
[3] Lynx

Top Three Colors
[1] Black
[2] Green
[3] Green

Top Three Chocolate
[1] Eww
[2] ewww
[3] ewwwwww

Three Things I Am Wearing Right Now:
[1] Armani Exchange black t-shirt
[2] green long capris
[3] grey sox

Three Things On My Bed:
[1] dark, almost black, sheets
[2] nice hard pillow
[3] white siberean stuffed tiger

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
[1] Kill someone
[2] blow up something
[3] take over the world

Three good ways to describe my personality:
[1] violent/vicious
[2] evil
[3] insane

Three bad things about my personality:
[1] Shy (with certain matters)
[2] patient (with certain matters)
[3] easily amused (about certain things)

Three parts of my heritage:
[1] North Korean (my grandparents on my mom's side)
[2] South Korean (my dad)
[3] n/a

Three things I like about my body:
[1] hair
[2] nails
[3] fists/legs (to punch and kick)

Three things I don't like about my body:
(I honestly don't give too much of a dman about my physical appearence. If I did, I wouldn't look like this, but if I had to pick,)
[1] thighs
[2] stomache
[3] upper arms, excluding the muscle

Three things most people don't know about me:
[1] I wasn't always violent and crazy
[2] I didn't always wear all black
[3] my hair used to be really curly in elementary school

Three things I say the most:
[1] Fuck
[2] Damn
[3] Shit

Three places I want to go:
[1] England
[2] New Zealand
[3] Japan/Korea

Three names I go by:
[1] Helen
[2] Shadowkeeper (lj name)
[3] Bookcrazy77 (aim name)