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January 2019

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School of Rock

All right. My sister made me sit through this. Again. Anyway, my computer being on the tv, I was listening to this movie, and suddenly, I reconized a song being played. The first actual song they played in the movie, minus some warm-up shit, was Highway to Hell, by AC/DC. So, intrested, I turned around to watch this movie. And I was a bit creeped out. The kids in this movie are 11, and they're pretty good. There was this blond kid who was a pretty good drummer. Anyway, when he first comes onto the scene with his hair spiked, he reminded me of Tom Felton. I have no clue why. The, their guitarist seriously looked like a pale version of Paul. God that was freaky. Jack Black was pretty decent, but what really caught my attention was this guy in the movie named Spider. At first, I just noticed him because he had this gorgeous long hair that trailed over his eyes. Then, he popped up playing in the Battle of the Bands in that movie. Good freaking god was he sexy. He was wearing this strange leather get up (drool. leather). It was kinda like a collered jack, missing the torso part of the jacket. He was wearing that over a bare torso, and he had this awesome tatoo on his ches. His leather pants (drool. leather pants) were so low I could see where the skin was starting to dip down at the hips. He was playing the guitar, looking amazingly sexy with his hair, then he started to dance. Well, not really dance. It was this strange turning motion to the music, playing the guitar, doing I guess snake like movements. God was he bendy. His bace was bare too, so you could see his entire figure gust kinda bend at moments. My freaking god.
Later, when he was talking to/hitting on the principal of the school that was taken over by Jack Black, he starts running his hands down his stomach, touching the tatoo, and (drool) was it hot!!!!! Sadly, he doesn't have much else out Waiting hor him to do more movies.