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January 2019

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I know today is Van Hellsing day, but I had to go on the Troy site.

Anyway, I managed to get all the great quotes and music from the site. God Paris never looked so amazing.

Anyway, some of the quotes are actually prety epic.

Hector Quotes
"Honor the Gods, love your woman, and defend your country."
"If I die, I don’t know how long Troy will stand."
"I don’t care about the man’s patriotism. I care about his ability to win battles."

Paris Quotes (sigh)
"Until the day they burn my body, I will love you."
"Before you came to Sparta, I was a ghost. I walked and I ate and I swam in the sea, but I was a ghost."
"We’ll never have peace. I don’t want peace. I want you."

Piram Quotes
"Empires are forged by war."
"They’ll be talking about this war for a thousand years."
"I’ve fought many wars in my time. Some were for land, some for power, some for glory. I guess fighting for love makes more sense than all the rest."

About Achilles Quotes
"The man was born to end lives."
"This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen. We need the greatest warrior."
"The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal."

Gods I cannot wait to see this. It's so amazing.

Anyway, I also got HBO's first look at Troy clip. Very good clip. Anyway, there's this really intimate scene between Paris and Hector that I loved.

The 2 are on the ship, heading back towards Troy, and Paris looks really worried. He finally looks up at Hector and says

"Do you love me brother? Would you protect me against any enemy?"

Hector slowly looks over at Paris, and sighs.

"What have you done tihs time?"

Paris looks horribly guilty.

"I must show you something"

Cut over to Helen reveling herself to Hector below decks, Hector looking shocked.


Ok. Got that out of my system.

I also realized that I should be the the only one who sees these quotes, but I'm wayyyy to lazy to burn them all onto discs and give them 2 ppl, so I'll post a link to a site that has basically all of the Troy movie and interview clips, as well as other Orlando Bloom stuff.

Troy Downloads off Elflady's site

ElfLady's Site

Official Troy Site

Allright. I'm going to go now and drool over my new aquasitions.