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January 2019

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[1] First Name: Helen
[2] Middle Name: Wha (it’s Korean)
[3] Last Name: Chang
[4] Nick Name[s]: Hell. I’ll stick to that
[5] Gender: female
[6] Age: 15
[7] Birthday: 2/06.89
[8] Height: 5’5”
[9] Weight: more than you
[10] Hair Color: dark brown
[11] Eye Color: dark brown
[12] Style: hair style? Long and straight, trying to get it dyed black.
[13] Glasses: no
[14] Contacts: no
[15] Braces: yeah. In black
[16] Hair Short Or Long: long, and staying long
[17] You Were Born Where: NY
[18] you Now Live: Millburn
[19] Astrology Sign: Aquarius
[20] How many languages do you speak: 4.5- English, Korean, Spanish, Latin, and the .5 is comprised of like Japanese, Chinese, and bits of other shit
[21] Nationality: Sadly, I’m American now
[22] Bad Habitsa lot
[23] Piercings: none yet
[24] If Yes Where & How Many: none yet
[25] Tattoos: none yet.
[26] If Yes How Many: none yet

[27] Mothers Name: Young
[28] Fathers Name: Kang
[29] Brothers Name[s]: none
[30] Sisters Name[s]: Julie
...missing questions...
[37] Do you Get Along With Your Parents: no
[39] Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: no

[40] Do You Have Any Pets: killed them all
[41] Name[s]: dead pets don’t have names
[42] Type Of Animal[s]: dead birds, hamsters, fish, and a rabbit
[43] If You Don’t Have A Pet Do You Want One: no
[44] Have You Ever Had Any Other Pets Then Mentioned Up Above: no
[45] Are You Still In School: yeah
[46] Did You Drop Out: sadly, no
[47] Current/Suppose Grade: 9th
[48] Favorite Grade: don’t know
[49] Worst Grade: probably 8th
[50] Favorite Teacher: Mr. Perry, Mr. Purcell, and Mr. Bello- Histroy teachers RULE!!
[51] Worst Teacher: Rizutti, Moreno, and ppl I odn’t remember the names of
[52] Favorite Subject: history and english
[53] Worst Subject: math is boring, I hate Spanish and chorus
[54] Do/Did you Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: buy. I hate home food
[56] School Activities: none currently
[57] Popular Or What: god no
[58] Favorite Dance: none
[59] Favorite Memory: don’t really have any
[60] Worst Memory: my life is a fucking nightmare. My entire past is a bad memory
[62] Most Humiliating Moment: too many to count

[63] Number: 7, 13, 666
[64] Clothing Brand: I don’t know. Anything from hot topic
[65] Shoes: both my boots, and my leather flip flops
[66] Saying: way to many, but I do like “It’s funny until someone gets hurt. Then it gets hilarious” a lot
[67] TV Show: don’t watch too much tv. Andromeda and Mutant X is good though.
[68] Sport: fencing and archery. Martial arts isn’t bad either
[69] Vegetable: um don’t know. Probably broccoli or something
[70] Fruit: lemons
[71] Movie: LOTR, POTC, Last Samurai, tons more
[72] magazine: don’t read the crap
[73] Actor: Orlando Bloom
[74] Actress: Either Kate Beckinsale or Angelina Jolie
[75] Candy: don’t know. Probably skittles
[76] Gum: eclipse
[77] Scent: grape. That shits gets you sooooo high
[78] Candy Bar: question repeated
[79] Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate chip mint, or green tea
[80] Color: black and green
[81] Season: winter, when it’s nice and cold
[82] Holiday: none.
[83] Band: Linkin Park
[84] Singer/Rapper: I don’t really like individual singers too much. Pink is pretty cool. With rap, don’t listen to it that much but eminem is growing on me
[86] Type Of Music: rock- all kinds
--Numbers weren't here--
[89] Thing In Your Room: bed, chair, books, radio, all my cds, junk
[91] Radio Station: don’t listen to that crap
[92] TV Channel: wb11
[93] Junk Food: probably korean shit
[94] Overall Food: anything spicy is good
[95] Store: hot topic RULZ!
[96] Shoe Brand: Xileration or Spite
[97] Fast Food Place: wendys- their salads are hald decent
[98] Restaurant: Mandarin Korean and Chinese cusine
--No numbers again--
[103] Boys Name: Hunter, Tyr, William, couple more
[104] Girls Name: Shalomar- sounds cool
[105] Mall:I love the garden state plaza mall. It is the biggest damn place
[106] Video Game: final fantasy, fire emblem, crap I can’t remember the names of, Zelda, and war games
[107] Shampoo: thermasilk
[108] Board Game: stratigo
[109] Computer Game: age of mythology
[110] Car: Lexus- in silver or black
[111] Music Video: don’t know. Probably something by Linkin Park
[112] Swear Word: fuck, bastard, shit, bitch, I’m all for a wide vocab range
[113] Word: anything morbid sounding. Oh, and I like Omnipotent
[.This Or That.]:
[114] rock or rap: rock. Rap’s cool though
[115] pop or rap: rap. I hate pop shit
[116] rap or rap: rap. duh
[117] rock or metal: both
[119] linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park. Then limp biskit
[120] tool or korn: Korn
[121] selena or jenifer lopez: Selena, but not by much. Hate them both
[122] hot or cold: cold. Defiantly cold
[123] winter or summer: winter
[124] spring or fall: spring fall. Hate spring
[125] shakira or britney: OH GODS EWWWWWWWWWWWWW
[126] ICP or Eminem: Eminem
[127] Marilyn Manson Or Rob Zombie: probly Rob Zombie
[128] Kittie or Garbage: Garbage
[129] mtv or vh1: nether
[130] Buffy or Angel: both
[131] Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: ew
[132] Football or Basketball: neither
[133] summer olympics or winter olympics: winter
[134] skiing or snowboarding: nither
[135] rollerblading or skateboarding: skateboarding
[136] black or white: black
[137] orange or red: red
[138] yellow or green: green
[139] purple or pink: ew
[140] slipknot or mudvayne: slipknot
[141] hot topic or pac sun: HOT TOPIC!!!!!!!!!
[142] Inside or outside: inside
[143] weed or alcohol: alcohol. I have a wee bit of a problem with drugs that have to be smoked
[145] cell phone or pager: neither. Will probably break it
[146] pen or pencil: both are good for stabbing
[147] powerpuff girls or charlies angels: charlies’s angels. (I know, but I like Lucy Liu)
[148] scooby doo or dino: ew
[149] dragon ball Z or pokemon: neither
[150] star wars or star trek: star wars is so much cooler
[151] tattoo or piercing: both
[152] prep or punk: punk
[153] slut or whore: neither. Horney bitch sounds about right
[.Private Life I.E Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll...]
[154] Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: n/a
[155] Crush: JB
[156] Do You Love Anyone Right Now: Orlando Bloom
[157] Have You Ever Been In Love: no
[158] How Many People Have You Kissed: n/a
[159] Who Was Your First Kiss: n/a
[160] How Many Hearts Have You Broken: 1
[161] How Many People Broke Your Heart: none
[162] Best Quote To Sum Up Love: It doesn’t exist
[163] So What’s Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Crush Like: a total moron
[164] What’s Your Dream Guy/Girl Like: crazy, violent, insane, has a sense of humor bout things
[167] Ever Kiss A Friend: no
[168] Are You Still Friends: n/a
[169] So Moving Along... You Smoke?: can’t. have lung conditions
[170] How About Some Weed... You Smoke Weed?: look above
[171] Ever Trip On Acid: well…
[172] How About A Little xTc?: u have any?
[173] Crack, Heroin, Anything Else: anything else
[174] Beer Good Or Beer Bad: beer bad. Perfer vodka
[175] Are you The Little Sissy Who Drinks Mikes And Wine Coolers: god no
[176] Do you Like Smirnoff Ice: sometimes
[177] Prefer Beer Or Liquor: liquor, liquor
]178] So If You Smoke How Long you Been Killing Yourself Now: can’t smoke
[179] What Kind Do You Smoke: none
[180] Could I Bum One: please don’t. lung condish- it’s not pretty
[181] Back To Alcohol, Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: I’m not sure what the name is, but it’s this Korean shit that’s about 95% alcohol
[182] So If You Weren’t A Virgin... When’s The Last Time you Got Some: n/a

[.Your Friends.]
[183] Best Friend(s): no need to post
[184] Known Longest: Christine- since I was 6
[185] Wish You Talked To More Then You Do: christine
[186] Wish You Saw More Then You Do: christine
[187] How Many Friends Do you Think You Have: few
[188] How Many Do you Actually Hang Out With: more than the few
[189] Who Drives You Insane After Awhile: spencer
[190] Who Can You Stay Around Forever And Hardly Get Sick Of: Jason, but he’s gone, so I don’t know. I’m always getting sick of people
[191] Ever Lose A Good Friend Because You Took It/Tried To Take It To The Next Level: no
[192] Craziest: besides me, probably gav
[193] Loudest: I don’t know. Probably gav
[194] Shyest: jennie
[195] Best Hair: I love my hair, would never trade it for the world
[196] Can Always Make You Laugh: I’m always laughing during sci, unless I’m sick
[197] Best Eyes: don’t know
[198] Best Body: probably gav from all the dance
[199] Most Athletic: gav- she actually does a sport all year round
[200] Sex Symbol: none
[201] Hot Tempered: don’t know
[202] Most Impatient: not going to say
[203] Shortest: danna
[204] Tallest: well, if I consider Spencer a friend, which I do when I’m either high or in serious need of a laugh, it’s him
Talented: At what?
[206] Best Singing Voice: I don’t think I’ve heard to many ppl sing, but Devon’s good
[207] Skinniest: stace or danna.
[208] Nicest: jennie. She bends over backwards backwords for people
[209] Best Personality: don’t know
[210] Biggest Drug User: well, not exactly sure who uses what
[have you ever]
[212] flashed someone:I think by accident
[213] told the person you liked how you felt: 8th grade, middle of October, auditorium of middle school
[214] been to Michigan: no
[215] gotten really REALLY wasted:if I was that wasted I wouldn’t remember
[216] gone to jail/juvi: no I prefer not to have problems with authority
[217] skateboarded: yeah
[218] Skinny dipped: no
[219] Stolen anything from a store: refuse to answer questio
[220] wanted to kick my ass for making this so damn long SO LONG: not really.
[221] Kicked someone’s ass: yep
[222] pegged someone in the head with a snowball and they never knew it was you: nope. I prefer to have my victims know who I am
[223] broke a beer bottle: yep
[224] gotten into a bar under aged: yeah
[225] kissed someone of the same sex: no
[226] flipped someone off: yeah
[227] gone on a road trip: yeah
[228] gone on vacation without adult supervision: not yet
[229] been to a concert: Yep
[230] been to another country: yeah
[231] talked back to an adult: definatly
[232] got pulled over:don’t drive yet
[234] Got into a car accident: again, under driving limit
[235] broke a law: yep
[236] given money to some homeless person: god no
[237] tried to kill yourself: um, not going to answer
[238] cried to get out of trouble: no
[239] kissed a friends brother/sister: no
[240] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking for dinner an still put it on your plate: no

[.What Did You Do....]
[241] Last Birthday: LOTR dvd fest
[242] Yesterday: school, read, computer
[243] Thanksgiving: nothing
[244] New Years Eve: slept
[245] Halloween: pty at ross’s
[246] Easter: nothing. slept
[247] Valentines Day: nothing

[.The Last Thing....]
[248] You Ate: gimbab- the original and better sushi- invented by koreans
[249] You Drank: does ice count?
[250] You Took A Shower: yesterday
[251] You Wore Out: shirt, capris, boots, jacket
[252] You Went: school
[253] Last Thing You Bought: c-d
[254] Last Thing You Got Pierced/Tattooed: none yet
[255] Last Person You Saw: sister
[256] Last Person You Kissed: n/a
[257] Last Person You Fucked: n/a
[258] Last Person You Talked To: dad
[259] Last Party You Went To: don’t keep track, don’t remember
[260] Last Thing You Watched: don’t know
[261] Last Song You Heard: Just like a Pill- Pink

[262] So What Are You Eating: cereal
[263] Anything To Drink With That: ice water
[264] Whatchya Wearin: same shit I wore to school
[265] Any Shoes: no
[266] Hair: down
[267] Listening To Anything: comp- highway to hell
[268] Talking To Anyone: no
[269] Are You Pissed I Made This So Long: not really
[.Yes Or No.]
[270] Are You A Vegetarian: no
[271] Do You Like Cows: not really.
[272] Am I A Bitch For Making This Damn Survey: not particularly
[273] Are You Artistic: with word
[274] Are You A Fast Runner: no
[275] Can You Ski: no
[276] Are You British: no
[277] Do You Want To Spear Britney: I wanna destroy her
[278] Do The Voices Talk To You And You Only: yep
[279] Did You Ever Give Barbie A Free Haircut: no
[280] Would You Eat Mac&Cheese w/Hot Dog In It: no
[281] Do You Think Disney Creators Were On Acid When They Made Alice In Wonderland: no. they were smoking shit
[282] Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up: please stand up please stand up
[283] Are You Straight: probably
[284] Are You 1/2 Stupid, 1/4 insane and another 1/4 physicaly handicapped: no
[285] Are You Fat: yep
[286] Are You Skinny and just say your fat: no
[287] Are You Short: no
[288] Do You Own a hot pink shit: gods no
[289] How About Orange Pants: ew
[290] Can You See The Flying Monkeys: only at broadway
[292] Did You Ever Know Someone Who Had A Mullet: Cameron f.
[293] Know Anyone Who Still Has One: Jeremy brown
[294] Is Britney A whore: definatly
[295] Are You A Teenage Zombie: no.
[296] Am I Annoying You Really Bad With All This Nonsense: not really
[297] Do You Like Marilyn Manson: she’s ok
[298] Are You Secretly From Another Planet: no
[299] Did You Ever Touch Someone Elses No-No Spot: no
[300] Do You Shop At Hot Topic: YES!
[301] Could You Kick My Ass: definatly