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January 2019

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What is favourite flavour of tea?
-Earl Grey

What music are you listening to, RIGHT NOW?
-Hero (Spiderman Theme)

What music did you listen to when growing up?
-Ramdon shit

What books are you currently reading?
-The Dark Half

What are your favorite video games if you play them?
-Fire Emblem

What is your favorite console? Consoles?

Are you a boxers or briefs person?
-I’m female

What is your favorite muppet?
-miss piggy

Which muppet would you most like to see sent screaming through a wood chipper?

What still stands as the most memorable song of your teenage years?
-don’t know

When you eat Chinese food do you use chopsticks or a fork?

What is your favorite Chinese food?
-Beef with spicy sauce

What is reality?
-a crutch for people who can’t handle drugs

Are you a perkie goth or a Mopey goth?
-violent goth

Do you like to cook?
-only sometimes

The first book you read?
-don’t know

Do you believe in reincarnation?

If you were a tree, how would you help the penguins in Antarctica have a happy homelife?
-I’d try to get someone to use my lumber to make a weapon of some sort and bludgeon the penguins to death

Why did you stop being vegetarian? (you did right?)
-never was a vegetarian

Are you going to eat that?

Is that contagious?
-do you want it to be?

What makes you happy?

What do you day dream about?
-erm. Let’s just say it involves a lot of… unrealistic people

If all the colors in the world were reversed to their opposite on the color wheel (thus reversing their emotional meanings- red would then be the color of freshness and green sexual passion for example), would your favorite color still be what it is?
-no. I like black because it exemplifies what I feel or see. If black meant purity, I’d hack off my left leg

Do you think the symbolism of the virgin Mary is a benevolent influence for women (as purity), or is it a dangerous suggestion that sex is inherently dirty?
- I don’t go for religios shit

How old were you had your first kiss?

What was your first pet, and what was it's name?
- hamster- Pork

Do you bite your nails?
-used to

What's one incident made you who you are today?

What is your drag (or stripper) name?
- n/a

If you had to choose between being eaten alive by a crocodile or nibbled to death by rats, which would you choose?
-crocodile. Y? Because it’s more violent

What's your favorite sex position?
-erm… not going to say

What's the band that you hate & love?
-limp biskit

What's your definition & opinion about "GOD"?
-non existent, a crutch for people who can’t get the big picture

What other ethereal/darkwave/gothic bands do you listen to?
- Seraphim shock, I donno

If You Were a Dragon...
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Human Name:
Dragon Name and Title:Vutha of Black
Dragon Size and Color:Large Blue
Dragon Deity and Allignment:Tiamat- Lawful Evil
Dragon Age:75
Dragon Hoard:$29,323,039
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