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January 2019

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It's saturday. I's late, and I have to finish what i can of my sci project. Why? I convinced my mom to let me see TROYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'm going tomorrow. :) That means I'll see it two weeks in a row. Sigh. I already have the soundtrack for the movie. *sighs agains*

Anyway, I'd like to comment on yesterday. It was fun. Throwing water on people, running around, making little kids cry, it was all fun. However, I did not attack JB on the grounds that he dumped water on me. He did it before and I was fine with it. I'm going to kill him because he dumped water in my hair.

I should have suspected something when he made the comment that I was sopping but my hair was dry. But did I get up? Noooooo. After I get home and untied my hair, it stayed up. That's right. My hair was randomly sticking out of the back of my head, sickingly damp. I have to wash it twice to get it to lie flat again. I know it's weird, but my hair likes to absorb water, then dry. Doesn't make sense to me either, but what the hell.

Again, that was a fun afternoon. Honestly had tons of fun. Actually found out I can run in boots if I tried. Also, found out that my boot also likes to retiain water. The lether on my boots haven't recovered still.

Anyway, so excited about tomorrow. Troy. Oralndo Bloom. Eric Bana. Topless Eric and Orli. Orli and Eric with swords. Orli and Eric in skirts. Orli and Eric in leather.

Ok. Gotts go back to the northern lights. I need this shit at least partially done so I can see movie tomorrow.