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January 2019

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Day After Tomorrow

Just say Day After Tomorrow this morning. It was great! I LOVE JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright. Onto the plot. It actually related to what we're learning in science. Apprently, with the usage of so many natural fules, and the onset of greenhouse gasses, the earth's climate is shifting, but not for the better. See, with the rise in sea levels due to melting of polar ice caps, the north hemisphere current just stopped. So, it's basically freazing the entire norther hempsphere. I HAVE MY DAMN ICE AGE!!!!!!!
Anyway, the shift in weather is creating major storms in the intire northern hemisphere. The south hemisphere is actually little affected. All they get is a bit of snow. No hell freezing over, that shit.

Anyway, Jake is playing Sam Hall. His father is jake Hall. The names throw me off for a moment. Anyway, Sam is off to NY for a "competition" wo win a million bucks. It's a nerd convo basically. Anyway, the two other members is this girl he has a crush on named laura, and a guy named dash who's the biggest nerd ever. He's president of the science club, electronics club, math club, and the chess club.

Anyway, Sam's dad is working for the government, and he has a theory tht global warming can lead to major climate shifts, but sometime in the future. Then, tornatoes hit LA, the atlantic basically freezes, and Jake realizes the shift is happening now. There's Ian Holm in this movie. He dies later. Anyway, the storms are getting worse, and they're hitting NY. Jake is frantic as is Sam's mother.

Anyway, basically, Sam, the nerd squad, and a bunch of other ppl get trapped in the NY public library. There's a beggar with them, this rich NY guy who's intrested in Laura, and a couple of other ppl who don't matter. Anyway, a lot of ppl, after they realize that they can walk over this frozen snow that covers the tops of traffic lights, they decide they want to try and escape south. Sam, who's gotton in touch with his father, warns everyone that they'll freeze to death, but only his group (the nerd squad, beggar, rich boy) and 2 others listen.. The librarian also refuses to leave.

Anyway, they find a fireplace, and realize they have to burn books to survive. Almost everyone is against the idea, especially this really messed up old guy who stayed with them, but they don't want to freeze to death.

Now, they're fanned all over the library, looking for books. the 2 civillians who stayed, the old guy, and a girl that stayed, argue over whoch books to burn. Jason, the real big nerd then refrences them to a section of tax law thay can all burn happily. Then, you find out that Laura has a cut on her leg, but she says it's nothing.

Now, the group has baracaded themselves in the room with the fireplace, and Sam admits his feelings to laura. (a waste of 3 minutes) You are set up with the fact that Laura has a feaver. The next morning, she won't wake up. She has blood poisoning from this cut she got of a liscense plate of a car. Sam is mad with worry, then they remember there's a stranded ship right outside of the library. Sam, Jason, and rich boy all head out to the ship to look for medicine.

They find the medicine, but then these wolves who managed to escape from a zoo also come to the ship for warmpth. Rich boy gets bit. Then, the 32 realize that the eye of the storms is right over them. The temp is dropping 10 degrees every seconed. Hell is freezing over. Now, Sam and Jason drag rich boy back to the museusm, the freezing following them. As they baracade themselves in the room, the fire is dying from the extreme cold. As they throw on more book, cut to Jake. Now, Jake has warned the president, and is on his way in arctic gear to save Sam. One of his team of 3 was killed in a fall already.

The president, meanwhile, is evacuationg ppl. Down to Mexico. mexico has closed it's borders, people are still getting in. President forgivs all latin american debts. Mexico opens up again. President dies, and stupid VP gets to be in charges.

To make the ending short, Jake and Sam survive. Everyone in the room survuves. Everyone who tried to leave before die. People are rescued from their buildings. Happy ending.