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January 2019

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Sigh. The school year's end is fast approachin. Final loom over the horizon, and last minute test are being scheduled. That's all great, but what I want to know is HOW THE HELL COULD PEOPLE NOT HAVE SEEN THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRSITMAS??!!

There. My big question's out there.

Now, here's a list of cool songs that everyone should check out.

1. Lorelei- great song. The guy sings kinda like the gothic archies, but his voice is was better. It has an accent. The female's voice is kinda nice too. The entire song's in this weird version of old english, and I'm still cluless on that half the song actually mean. The background music's isn't that bad. Done by Theatre of Tragedy

2. Little Gothic- allright. So it does have random people, who sound like 2 men, orgasming in random places, and the song is about orgasms, but it sounds great. This one's done by Seraphim Shock.

3. Du Hast- this is a german song. sounds kinda techno. Now, since i don't really speak german, I'm not sure on the translations, but i think it's something about hate and death. Done by Rammstein

4. Minority- very cool song. Actual music might be annoying, but lyrics are great. Done by Greenday

5. Gethsmemane- it's a weird song, but I think it sounds cool. It's supposed to be "finnish metel" but that's questionable. Music is definatly cool. Not sure on lyrics since singer has accent. Done by Nightwish

6. Ice Queen- very cool song. Souds awesome, but singer's voice is slightly *cough year right*cough* high. Done by Within Temptation.

Anyway, I'm posting a link to a music vid that's pretty cool. It's a vid that promotes the BanaBloomwich. That's a manwich with Eric Bana and Orlando. Lots of great shots, lots of huging, lots of hotness.

Link here

Note: In order to download it, just click "download here".

Music vid was done my Sonia from Simply Sonia