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January 2019

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bold ones are true

01. i'm a loner.
02. pretty boys make me squeal
03. i love long hair on guys.

04. i'm second in my class.
What the hell's this supposed to mean?
05. i have a bad habit of using faces.
06. i have or used to have multiple eating disorders.
07. i hate when people pretend to be bi in order to be trendy.
08. i hate the phrase "metro sexual."
09. my goal in life is to travel.
10. the concept of anarchy interests me.
11. i detest children.

12. i'm still a child at heart.
13. i own you at ping pong.
14. i was in love with johnny depp before anyone even considered making 'the pirates of the caribbean.'
15. pink is one of the best colors.
16. i am pro-choice.
17. no offense, but i'm sick of seeing jack sparrow icons.
18. people say i have no body fat, but oh, are they wrong.
19. i prefer being single.
20. i'm a jealous person.

21. i hate criticism, even though it helps me more than i think it does.
22. i don't know how to respond to compliments.
23. i love writing, even though i think my writing is terrible.
24. i have been known to play video games for unhealthy amounts of time.

25. i am passionate about all of my interests.
26. i hate people who hold strong opinions on things they know nothing about.
27. i hate when people look over my shoulder.
28. i don't like what i look like.
29. i'm a grammar-nazi, and i have better grammar than anyone else i know.
30. i procrastinate.
31. i hate dragonball z.
32. i sleep too little.

33. je parle le francais.
34. i am obsessed with making journal icons.
35. i love shinya.
36. i think greatest journal is the best journal site out there.
37. i don't care about my popularity.
38. i cry over nothing.
39. a lot of people in my school like/dislike me.
There are people who hate me.

40. i complain about everything.
41. i have a very high-pitched voice.
42. i speak a lot, involuntarily, and often get made fun of for it.
43. i'm indecisive.
44. it makes me mad when things i like become trendy.
45. i have a lot more money than do most of my friends.
46. i like guys with dark hair.
It wasn't a conscious decision, but 4 out of every 5 guys I like have dark hair.

47. i'm not that attracted to many guys that aren't asian.
Helllllllllllllllll no.
48. it's a proven fact that i prefer talking to people online if they use complete sentences and correct grammar/punctuation.
49. it's easier than most would expect to make me cry.
50. i'm tired of worrying about shit.
51. i correct others spelling/grammar quite often.

52. i don't play any team sports for my school.
Does fencing count?
53. i want to go to japan and see dir en grey live.
I wanna go to japan, don't know about the second part.

54. i hate sounding obsessed with a musical artist.
55. i like when my friends write me letters.
56. i never want to get married.
57. i like pirates.

58. i hate any alcoholic drinks.
59. i prefer urban life to rural life.
60. i'm obsessed with fashion.
61. i like to make my own clothes.
62. my grades are very important to me.
63. contrary to popular belief, i don't hate everyone.
Keyword is everyone. There are people I like.
64. but i hate a lot of people.

65. androgyny is sexy.
66. i hate school.
67. i rant too much.
68. i'm online a lot.
69. i find it difficult to be friends with stupid people.
70. i am obsessed with anime.
71. i like to read a lot.
72. i can be really mean when i want to.
73. i can also be more thoughtful than a lot of people.
74. i always try to help others as much as i can.
75. i'm very irritable.
76. i've never cheated in school, and i hate people that do.
77. i've never cheated in a relationship and if anyone ever cheated on me, he/she would never get a second chance.
78. my parents are divorced/separated.
79. narrow minded people make me want to get a gun.
80. i have a stepmother.
81. i love ice cream but never eat it.
82. i haven't watched the 'sound of music' yet.
83. i hate people that cut to be trendy, and i think it's just crazy that there are people who only do that to be cool.
84. i hate having the feeling that i'm not going to go anywhere in life.
85. i don't like crowds.
86. i hate people that think the mall is the root of all evil. it's just a place. get over it.
87. i'm not as much of a tv addict as i used to be.

88. most of my friends hate bush, but i have no opinion on him. politics bore me.
89. i am better at keeping secrets than most of my friends.
90. i'm a lazy ass.
91. i love my parents, but never know how to show them.
Not sure if I love them. Still offy on that topic.
92. i am not yet in college.
93. i have no idea where i'd like to go to college.
Ok. All I know is somewhere out of the country.

94. i wish there were more numbers on here. i'm on a roll.