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January 2019

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Name 3 habits u have:
1) Listening to blaring music when I do anything school related at home
2) Taking things too far
3) Being tolerable to people I despise around adults

Name four scents you love:
1) Grape
2) Cinnamon
3) soy sauce
4) PINE SOL!!!!!!!!!

Name something you'd never wear:
1) pink

Name 3 animals you like:
1) tigers
2) pigs
3) snakes

Name four television shows you love:
(Don’t really watch tv anymore, but I do like some)
1) Mutant X
2) Andromeda
3) Xena
4) Hercules
Name 2 bands/genres/artists most people don't know you like:
1) Enrique Iglesias (talk about hot!)
2) Savage Garden (Mostly, it’s a few songs, but they have a nice sound)

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
1) milk
2) fruit juices
3) water
Name a random fact about yourself:
I spend wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on my comp

Name a random fact about your family:
we all hate each other
Have you ever...
1) Fallen for your Best Friend? Yeah
2) made out with JUST a friend? no
3) been rejected or heartbroken? Yes
4) Been in love? Erm, I odn’t really think I’m capable of love
5) Been in lust? HELL YEAH!
6) Used someone? Yeah
7) Been used? nope
8)Cheated on someone? no
9)Been cheated on? no
10)Done something you regret? definatly

Who was the last person..
11)You touched? mom
12)You talked to? sister
13)You hugged? Can’t remember
14)You instant messaged? christine
15)You yelled at? dad
16)You laughed with? christine
17)You had a crush on? Do I really need to put this down?
18)Who broke your heart? Look above

Do you:
19)Colour your hair? Highlighted, but I want it dyed black
20)Have tattoos? I want one
21)Piercings? No, but I want an eyebrow pierced
22)Own a web cam? no
23)Have aol? yeah
24)What should you be doing right now? Anything alse
25)What are you listening to? Behind Blue Eyes, Thw Who
27)Chicken or fish? Chicken, unless it’s Salmon
28)Do you have a favourite animal? Probably snakes. The more deadly, the better.
29)Is ice cream the best thing in the world? no
1. What would your dream date be? Don’t really think about shit like that
2. Single flower or a dozen? Don’t like flowers
3. Silver, gold or platinum? Mmmm, either silver or platinum
4. Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? Don’t care
6. Silly or serious romance? Don’t care
7. Marvin Gaye or Barry White? Who?
8. Do you consider yourself:
Romantic? Gods no
Snotty? maybe
Quiet? no
Boring? sometimes
Funny? Not really

Have you ever...
Dissected something? yeah
Drank fluids? What do you mean by fluids exactly
Kissed someone? yeah
Missed someone? yeah
Told someone you love them? Gods no
Talked to someone you have a crush on? yeah
What CD is in your CD player right now? Evanescense (I need to unwind)
Favourite song? Right now it’s Tainted Love by Marylin Manson (hehe. Snape vid with that song is hilarious)
What is your shoe size? 8
What will you be when you grow up? No idea really
What are you doing right now? Downloading stuff and filling this out
What's that smell? Vanilla icing, ew
My thank yous....
1. no one really