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January 2019

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Writer's Survey
1) What's your pen name?: BookCrazy77. Shadowkeeper, Poet_of_Tragedy
2) Why did you choose that name?: the first two are just screen names. Poet of Tragedy I got of a song called Loreli by Theatre of Tragedy. Just thought it was a nice name
3) What's your real name?: Helen
4) What's your favorite fanfiction and why?: HP- I think it’s cause harry potter is one of the few fandoms I love fan-crap from, and I just love the books
5) What's your favorite genre and why?: Slash, drama, adventure, darkfics, you name it
6) How long have you been writing?: about 2 years
7) Why did you start?: I’ve always loved ff.net, and I was always reading fanfics, so one day, I decided to write one of my own.
8) Have people ever mailed you because of your writing?: yeah
9) Have you ever been flamed? yeah
10) If you have what was the worst one?: I don’t remember. I find criticisms helpful
11) What is the best review that you have ever gotten? Well, I think one of the best was about 2 pages that detailed all the good and bad points of my fic
12) Has a fan ever declared their love for you?: a couple, but I think it more in the spirit of reviewing
13) Has a fan ever declared their lust for you?: no
14) Do you read your own fiction when you’re bored?: yeah, but I always have to stop in the middle cause I don’t always like stuff I’ve written in the past
15) What's your favorite fanfiction story that you've written?: I like There is Only Power, working on that one still
16) What's your favorite story that someone else wrote?: wayyyyyyyyy too many to count. I have to thank The Golden Snitch for getting my into the beautiful world of H/D slash though
17) What writer do you admire the most?: wayyy to many to count
18) Have you ever written something and not posted it?: definatly
19) What's your favorite rating to post in? don’t care as long as it’s not g
20) Are original writers jealous of our talent to take an already existing idea and twist it around in more ways then a pretzel that knows yoga? Well, no. I write fanfics, and I’m the one taking original works and twisting them