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January 2019

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Life is getting a bit more intresting. I said intresting, not more bright.

Gav and Stace had me doodle on JB's stolen notebook. It ended up looking really hilarious. I made the mistake of sighing a rather "wrong" message Star. I was thinking about his old nickname, StarStar, but, then, I realized that Helen, or Elen, is star in elvish. Thankfully, he can't understand the real meaning of my blunder.

Anyway, then, during science, I had to talk him through limiting reagents because he was getting confused about it and couldn't do the steps to get the answer.

I found out that he measuers how much damage he's done by rubble per hour. I guess it really builds up for people like us.

Oh, and also, on the way out of science at the end of the day, Spencer was ranting about fencing practice, and generally annoying JB. Finally, JB was like, “You think fencing is jus the best thin in the world, don’t you? Next, you’re going to say that Fencing can cure cancer.”

I had to laugh.

Also, I was reminded about the highest point in my life.

I was on the bus, coming back to school from the science Olympiad competition in Edison, sitting next to Gav.

During our stay at Edison College, I got into kinda like a war of the words with JB.

Anyway, on our way back, I wouldn't give up the fight, so we were arguing like crazy over the isle between the seats, me leaving poor Gav alone. She then started talking to Mark, and they became friends.

How strange is that? Usually, it's Gav who is the cause of people meeting up. Now, it was me. Well, considering Mark hung out with JB, those two would have met anyway, but I sped it up.

Interesting that I also forgot an entire conversation with JB. Well, it wasn't really a conversation, but close enough.

Another thing, Steph is trying to make me get rid of my crush on JB, and she tells me in math to talk to Gina about his bad points.

I had to be honest, and say that every time I hear about something negative he's done, I like him more and more.

This might be because what others view as negative, I find funny or positive, but this is really going too far.

I really have some serious issues.

Like filling an entire journal entry about JB.

God, I have no life.