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January 2019

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age:x:: 15
sign:x:: aquaries

movie watched:x:: King Arthur
book read:x:: Egnima by Richard Harris
time you cried:x: in may, watching the last samurai. Got the weeping under control now
time you brushed your hair:x:: few hours ago
time you felt love:x:: never
word said out loud:x:: fuck
time you were sick:x:: don't remember
email you wrote:x:: don't remember
magazine you read:x:: really don't remember
song you heard:x:: gasoline by seether
cd you listened to:x:: Underworld
asignment you did:x:: in may
time you were excited:x:: sunday.
time you laughed:x:: don't remember
person you talked to:x:: don't remember
play/concert you saw:x:: don't remember
person you kissed:x:: don't remember
person who kissed you:x:: look above
thing you did that you really shouldn't have:x:: almost burning down the kitchen

x:have you ever:x

drank:x:: yeah
done drugs:x:: well, define drugs
had sex:x:: no
had a sexual experience (doesn't have to be actual sex):x::yeah
cried because of someone of the same sex:x:: no
cried because of someone of the opposite sex:x:: does tom cruise count?
kissed someone of the opposite sex:x:: yeah
kissed someone of the same sex:x:: no
had a huge crush on someone:x:: duh
had a boyfriend:x::no
how about a lover:x:: no

:x:do you:x:
like long surveys:x:: yeah

like surveys at all:x:: if they're origional

like love:x:: don't believe in that shit

eat too much:x::*rolls eyes* duh

:x:are you:x:
a happy person:x:: no

a nice person:x::no

happy with how you look:x:: sometimes


do you especially like darkness:x:: yes
do you go to school dances:x:: only if my mom makes me
do you like them:x:: no
what do you want to he when you grow up:x:: supreme dictator over all
are vampires very dear to your heart:x:: definatly. the remains of my blackened soul belong to Anne Rice's Coven de Articulat
how about monkeys:x:: no
do you have pets:x:: no
sisters:x:: yeah
are you parents together:x:: yeah
or are they divorced:x:: no
do you like someone:x:: in what sense? As food?
do they know:x:: look above
do they like you:x:: look above
if you could kill one person who would it be:x:: list way too long to pick just 1 person
do you like reality tv:x:: no
would you buy a cd for just one song:x::i have
could you be lovers? is that a fact:x:: wtf?
do you know that question 61 62 and 67 are all from moulin rouge:x:: no i didnt even know they were numbered
do you have a screen name:x::duh
is it dumb:x::well, 1 definatly is
do you have friends:x:: yeah
have you ever been in love:x:: don't believe in that crap

:x:fill in the blanks:x:
i love_______:x:: no one
eat________:x:: korean foods
put your hand_____:x:: where i can see them
don't_______:x:: fuck with me
please____:x:: shut up
cheese______:x:: pizza
bloody______:x:: valentine
roses____:x:: should be black
do______:x:: Draco
he is______:x:: hot
death is______:x:: facinating
kicked off the_______:x:: roof
you see i've forgotten______:x:: to destroy your life
i really_____:x:: need to get my hands on more good slash
i want_______:x:: it to rain
you can tell everybody_______:x:: to fuck off and die
it may be quite simple but________:x:: don't fuck it up
i hope you don't mind_____:x:: me burning down your house
how wonderful life is_______:x:: not
to be______:x:: evil
juliet is the______:x:: really pathetic bitch who apparently can't live without men in her life
its a little funny_______:x:: bunny

book:x:: wayyy too many to count
movie:x:: wasn't this asked before
pet:x:: none
person:x:: figure that out yourself
animal:x:: tigers
food:x:: anything spicy
drink:x:sha-ke (it's a korean drink)
band:x:: probably linkin park
song:x:: wayyyy too many to count
lyric:x:: Rev 22:20
quote:x: "suicide is the most sincere form of self critisism"
place to be kissed:x:: um
place to be:x:: in my room
part of your room:x:: somputer
thing in the world:x:: don't kno, probably my blades

:x:either or:x:
france or england:x:: england
life or death:x:: death
t.v. or movie:x:: movie
pepsi or coke:x:: coke
pool or hot tub:x:: hot tub
girl or boy:x:: boy
india or switzerland:x:: switzerland
america or canada:x:: canada
real life or t.v.:x:: tv