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January 2019

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I have this undying urge to burst out into a chorus of "It's a Small World After All".

So, I was serching around on Ioan Gruffud's filmography list, and I come acress a movie labled "Wilde". Being the fangirl that I am, the name automatically rings a bell. So, I cross-refrence over to a character in Wilde named Rentboy that just happend to have been played by a 20 year old Orlando Bloom.

Ioan is also listed in the cast for Black Hawk Down. Along with him is Jason Issacs(Lucious Malfoy), Eric bana, and Hugh Dancy(Galahad from King Arthur). Plesently surprised, now must try to watch movie again.

I am now determined to obtain "Very Mary Annie" It's not really a movie I'd watch. But, I've sat through a bad King Arthur Movie for Ioan (and Hugh). I definatly have to see this when Ioan's part is so much better.

Ioan plays Hob. He and his friend Matthew Rhys(Nob) are the gay couple in the small village where this is set. I believe they own a grocery store.

Apparently, they're supposed to have this great scene in the movie where the two guys sing "Can't Get a Guy With a Gun" from Annie Get Your Gun. The screencaps I got from that scene were priceless.

I'm seeing if I can hit B&N this weekend(again).

*Note. Must catch The Borne Supremecy this weekend too.

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