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January 2019

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Gar. I so hate life at the moment. Dad gave me a cold he had, and now my head is throbbing, and I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone do the copious amounts of homework assigned. I hate bio homework. I utterly despise it. All the teachers are out to make lives miserable.
I have to do a six paragraph essay by tomorrow, and I can't think straight, let along write about life, which I don't give a damn about.

This morning was ok though. Will have fond memories of the comp sci room where the door was stuck. The humidity made the paint on the door stick, and some kid was stuck inside, and he couldn't kick the door open, and he tried with his shoulder, and he couldn't open the door, so some track person or something had to ran the door open.

Joe M. will now be refered to as Gigelo Joe, named after Jude Law's character in AI. Blame Gav for bringing that up, since she's the one who wanted a feeling robot.
Joe actually answered the name, and Sam swears that Joe is Jude Law's Joe. Seeing how Joe M has neither a receading hairline or a part in a movie with Angelina Jolie, the name is just for amusement.

Have fallen in love with someone's hair. Rather disturbing for everyone else, not surprising for me, considering my obsession with hair. I have no idea what his name is, but I honestly love his hair. It's about shoulder length, black, and dyed ends red up to about mid ear. Sadly, kid hangs out with Paul Adler. His hair last year was cool too. I think it had blond streaks last year though. Realize I've been watching an asian punk for two years and find that to be one of the lowest points of my life. Have to admit he's cute.

My english teacher is officially crazy, as he always thinks of dogs pissing people off walls. Literally. Is really disgisting. Will have to refer him to Mikey's American Dictionary, where it teachers you all the parts of speech the word "fuck" can fit into.

My bio teacher is obsessed with sex.

Mr. Fox gives too much homework.

Comp Sci is going to take more time that I thought. Will find it annoying that I have to switch lunches every tuesday from B to C.

Gym class switch was tolerable, had songs "Blame Canada" and "Men in Tights" stuck in my head the whole period.

I honestly do not want to start bio essay.

Dr. Merry hasn't changed one bit.

Have been reading wayyyyyy too much gay porn. Or slash if you perfer that term.

Still pissed that my main sourse of anger management has left. Will have to find someone to beat up on a regular basis as Bob's reaction isn't fun enough.

Must hand Spencer a restraining order as he has now learned about sex bracelets.

This has been the longest week of my life.

Really want to talk to people on death row. Sadly, capitol punishment may be banned, so don't have too much time.

Need to study Rob Zombie's brain, as he is not in any way sane. Want to see "House of 10,000 Corpses"

Really want to see Hero. Love Jet Li. Learned that everyone dies. Sounds really facinating. Subtitles are a added bonus.

Steph doesn't think Yoan Gruffudd is drop dead gorgeous. Know I'm not the only one who think he's bloody gorgeous as there are entire fandoms deticated to him. Must get hands on the movie "Wilde"

Still don't want to start Bio stuff.

Talked to Mrs. Swan during extra long fire drill. She's never liked Spence either.

Talked to Stacy in the morning while she was wearing her gay pride boots. Also talked to Nick Van Nispen(sp?) who was parading around in a pink shirt. Either he's really comfortable with himself or he's gay. Would settle for both.

Sciench Reserch is going to be fun. Mark thinks black holes are edible.

Gav has been labled the walking tumor by beeker.

Hardly see Jennie anymore except for homeroom. That's sad.

Find myself hating stupid people even more than ever.

Realize that i have been getting rather hormonal recently. Troy isn't due till January, so don't know what to blame it on.

Christine wants to move into out school. Would be really cool except that she'd be a freshmen. Would probably agree with me about asian punk.

Realize that haven't worn slytherin shirt yet. Must do it next week.

Still don't want to start bio essay.