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January 2019

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the scar you're most proud ofthe ones that spell out death on my hip. carved it in with a razorblade
your favourite condimentketchup all the way
if you have frecklesnone
your preferred method of cookingwith a lot of pepper powers
what shoes you're wearingblack boots, 2 inch heels, no lacing
how many children you havehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
the first person you french kissednone really
your preferred breed of dogdon't like dogs
where you were bornNY
what colour underwear you're wearingblack, rather weird question
where your keys are right nowin my bag
if you have split endsnone. just got rid of them all a couple of weeks ago
when you last got laidnone
your opinion on airline foodit sucks balls
what cosmetic surgery you would considernone
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onswings- i have a really sick mind
your worst maladydisjointed elbows, age 7
if your mum loves your dadum, that would be a flat no
if you can sing wellprobably decently, considering the amount i actually do
what your olympic event would befencing, archery, boxing
someone you admire*ahem!*
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapum, swaziland?
the last time you criedMay, watching the Last Samurai. Got the crying under control now
your most interesting sexual congress locationn/a
part of the Sunday papers you read firstdave barry's editorial
the languages you speakkorean, latin, english, and 3 years of spanish
the religion you were raised inchristian
if you can draw wellgods no
your favourite photograph*ahem*
what you should be doing instead of thisbio hw


You're New Jersey!

You don't just live in the suburbs, you define the culture of all
Surburbia. You drive everywhere you go, love to eat at diners, and pretend to have a
garden. While everyone knows that your house was built on a toxic waste dump, you do
your best to hide this information and keep referring to those mythical gardens.
Driving on a road without paying for it was a revolutionary experience you once had
that you still think about all the time. You owe the Mafia so many favors that you're
thinking of renaming yourself Sicily.

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the mafia.

the United Kingdom!

You're a much weaker person than you used to be, but you still
act like you did when everyone looked up to you.  Despite this, you're
probably a better person than you were when you had so much power over those
around you.  Though you do have a strange fascination with jewels and monarchs,
which lets you play in castles, but also end up leading a sort of tabloid lifestyle.
 You really like the Beatles, even more than you like Oasis.

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You're 1984!

by George Orwell

You have this uncanny feeling that you're always being watched. Thus
life has become a bit of a show as you try to portray yourself as much more reputable
than you actually are. All around you, people seem to accept an unending stream of lies
and propaganda without flinching. Your only hope may be a star-crossed love affair, but
pain seems stonger than love. If you have any older brothers, be very wary of

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