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October 2018

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So bored, songs

Name a song that...
makes you very happy and hyper: Tainted Love~ Marylin Manson

Just something about the song that makes me crack up

makes you remember your ex crush: nobody's listening~ Linkin Park
Honestly have no fucking idea why

makes you think of your current crush: I wanna be sedated~ Ramones
I think it's because I saw him walking around with the Ramones written on his backpack. And because he definatly needs to be sedated.

comes from your favorite movie/tv show: Into the West~Annie Lennox
LOTR ROTK. Duh. Good song though.

is great to listen to in the mornings: gasoline~ Seether
gods know you need something to wake you up

makes you cry/sad: Sound the Bugle~Bryan Adams
It's on the Spirit soundtrack. Love the song though

helped you through a tough time: Numb~Linkin Park
It still helps me

is so beautiful it makes you tingle all over: Nemo~ Nightwish
The music vid is so gothically beautiful

what line from a song...

is great advice for the broken hearted?: "dont wish, dont start. wishing only wounds the heart"~Wicked

defines love for you?: "It's easier to run"~Linkin Park

sounds like it was written about someone you know?:
"Heaven bent to take my hand
nowhere left to turn
I'm lost to those i thought were friends
to everyone i know
Oh they turned their heads embarrassed
pretend that they don't see
but it's one missed step
you'll slip before you know it
and there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed."~Sarah McLachlan

really never made sense to you?:
"She’ll suck you dry
Soon you’ll cry
To be back in her bosom"~The Purcifer

would make a good title for the book of your life?:
"I died in my dreams"~The Rasmus

I honestly need a music related icon.