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January 2019

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I'm really freaking my self out. Lately, I've been dreaming of stuff, and parts of my dream have been coming true.

Anyway, the dream I had last night was pretty strange. I was in the gym, and packing my stuff away after fencing practice. I don't know why I was late, but it seemed like I was the only person in the gym, and the clock read that it was 30 mins after practice ended. Anyway, I'm walking to put my bag away in the closet, and really. Thinking about it, it seemed so real.

Anyway, I put my bag in the closet, and turn around to leave, when Alex appears to put his bag away too. Alex was this friend I had in 7th grade. He's now a sophomore, and is actually taking fencing.

Continuing, he tosses his bag over his shoulder, and moves aside so I can pass. Suddenly, he looks at me, and ask why he never talk anymore. We actually had some fun conversations in 7th grade. Anyway, I really couldn't find an answer to it, and as I look utterly confused, he gives this childish grin, and is like, "I thought we were friends too."

I had to smile, and we say bye, and I leave through the back door of the new gym, into the night, and wake up in my room.

I had to shake my head a couple of times to actually make sure that it were a dream, not a reality.

I pass Alex like 10 times every day in school, and today, all those 10 times, that dream kept popping back into my head. I don't know why.

Anyway, after school, Gav, Stacey, Bob, Sam, and I went to town. Didn't really do much, except I did buy my secret Santa stuff.

Oh!, and Gav and Bob left early, so Stacey Sam, and I were walking, me trying to get to Gotham to but the gifts, and I'm getting really perverted thoughts because I just had a payday candy bar.

Anyway, as Gav and Bob were heading home, Bob was giving her jellybeans, and she was getting hyper.

So, after I stopped by the comic book store, looking for something, Sam and Stacey were wondering where Bob went, and I told them that they were heading home, eating jelly beans.

Anyway, I remembered Gav saying how Steph was going to fall in love with Bob for the first moments of the sugar high when Bob gave her the jelly beans, and I couldn't help myself and put Gav into the situation.

Then the perverseness started kicking in. I was like, "The sugar might cloud Gav's reason, and this situation might lead to something those two would regret later on."

Stacey and Sam laughed, getting the message. Then, I had to add on, "They'd probably regret it tomorrow morning, when they wake up."

The salt must have really gotten to me, because I had to add one more thing. "I never said they'd wake up in a bed either."

Sam looked rather disturbed, and Stacy was laughing.

Anyway, when we got to Gothem, Sam said he'd wait outside while Stacey and I went in. While we were waiting, Stacey spotted a box of things, and said that if Sam was still dating Gav, he could get some for her. We told Sam when we got out, and that really disturbed him. A couple of comments about guys never buying bras for their girlfriends came in, and soon the conversation turned to why Stacey and I were so perverted. We said that we've read books with sex scenes since the age of 10, and that really affects the mind.

Anyway, then we were discussing "Guardians of the Balance" where it starts with a sex scene, then ends with a 90 year old woman giving birth. Also, Nimue screws her father, then her grandfather in law.

Sam looked sick. Then, the threesome between King Arthur, Gwenivere, and Lancelot came up. When Stacey and I mentioned that Lancelot was in the, middle, Sam was like, "We know who enjoyed that one."

I really couldn't help myself when I said, "Well, that clears up whether guys like anal sex or not."

That really got to Sam.

Anyway, as I turned to get home, we on the subject on what's legal in Texan outside of barns.

Rather disturbing.

Anyway, I really don't know why salt affects me like this. The more I have, the more perverted I get.

I must really be crazy.