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January 2019

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You know, lately, I've been thing a lot about the colour red. Or, more spicifically, how the colour red related to hair. *coughI'mpatheticcough*

Anyway, discussing this topic with a few people, Stacey, Christine, it was decided that it took a lot to pull off the colour red off.

Red hair. I've seen it all over the place. People have either a) highlighted hair red, b) dyed heir entire head red, or c) have naturally red hair. I'm going to ignore c for now.

First, let's start with b. It's easier. It. Looks. Bad. I've seen it done, and it looks like a fucking disaster. Jut, ew.
Highlighting. Now, that's a complicated topic. Every person has a colour they can't pull off. Every colour clashes horribly withsome people. Red, however, is the hardest colour to pull off for some reason. It just doesn't seem to work most of the time.

When blondes highlight red, that's blinding. It's just gross. Ew. Not only does the yellow and red make the other colour brighter, that combination just looks really bad. I've seen a couple of blonds with red i their hair, and gods it looks like they've been shot in the head. It just doesn't look good.

Brunetts have a strange issue of having the brown blend with the red, making both the red and the hair look rusty. And it looks like the red's rotting into the brown. Really messy for some people. Also, when the red fades a bit, and you see the bit of brown, that's just kinda screwed up.
Expections are the poeple with an exact shade of dirty blonde. coughcameroncough

Now, the people with jep black hair can always pull off red. Red and black just kinda goes I guess. It looks natural together. Long or short haired, black just goes with the colour.

Length of hair always affects the colour. With blonds, if their hair is short, on top of being long, the red screams murder. Gods is that ever blinding.
If brunetts have short hair, the red overpowers the brown. If they have long hair, the red is overpowered. Either the red won't have any effect, or it looks bad.
With black haired people, long hair to shoulder length is prefered. If they have short hair, you can't put too much red in, and that's a bit sad.

Now, it always takes a bit for red to settle into hair. I mean, it may look great at first, right after it's done, but so do most other color jobs. When it actually does set in, that's when a lost of people wash out the temporary dye, or someone tries to hack thair hair off.

Red honestly is a hard colour. I've seen a total of about 4 people who can pull it off and look great. 3 of them has jet black hair. the 4th was Cameron, who looked amazing while it lasted.

Red is becomming a more popular colour for dye-jobs, which I can't really understand. I walkind into a hair salon before school started this summer to get the blond out of my hair, and they had about 12 different shades of red. Ew. I saw someone there who was getting it taken out. It did not look good on her.

A really easy colour to pull off though is blue. Almost everyone can pull off blue. It isn't tooo stong, and it definatly does not overpower the natural hair colour, unless you're an albino or a platnium blond. (Albinoes rule!)

Green's a middle colour. Some people can, some people can't.

A really intresting hair colour is bacl/purple. What do you call the shade? It looks unbelievably good on brunettes. Blonds can do it. For black haird people, it's usually hard to tell it from the natural colour. Jae, however, can pull it off.

Now, what i imagine to be cool would be silver streaks. Some people might say it looks like grey hair, but if somone with darker hair, brown, black, tries silver, that would look awesome. Also helpful if the person wears a lot of dark colours.

Trying to find some decent silver hairspray. Want to try it out.