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January 2019

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I am a pathetic soul. Honestly, I just need to be put out of my misery.

How to Seem Like a Coldhearted Bitch
Rule #12
Never be seen drooling in public.

I am getting dangerously close to breaking that rule. Dangerously close. If he walks by, I have to turn around and hold mytself back from smashing my haad repeately against the nearest wall.

Realized today how obsure the name "Hero" was. Good. That means I can now pull out nicknames for 3 other people.

"Captain"-You really don't want to ask who the hell that is, or where the name came from. I'll just say that if you were in Mrs. Cassels's class, you'd know who might guess.

"Brian"- Don't ask where the nickname came from, has something to do with the way he "dresses"

"Crime"- Taken off something his coat said. I was just thinking about last year for a bit, then I remember this one kid that i liked in one of my classes, and now I'm seeing him everywhere, everyday. See him taling to Hero everyday too. Gods they're hot together. (*note, he never had red hair, as far as I could remember)

In science, Paul called the skateboarding kids "the ghetto kids". Finger quotes and everything. Even Schilp had to laugh. The only ghetto kid in millburn is Alex Halprin, probably because he used the term so much last year. Paul also said "Black goes with everything". So true. I'm in this whole "I hate him. no, he's cool. but i hate him! But he's awesome!" thing going on in my head every time i see him. Gods, i cannot believe he got taller than me during the summer. I could have stepped on him last year.

Is there a kid named Nick in our grade, or is he a junior or something? I've never seen him before, and he sits right next to me in math this year. We're always complaining together. I think his last name starts with a B.