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January 2019

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Weekend was intresting. Instead of drafting my letter for Gilmore, I spent the weekend reading THE most blatent ripoff of Lord of the Rings EVER, and watching Good Will Hunting over and over and over again.

First, I really don't understand how Christopher Palomi wasn't hit with the biggest copyright infringmrent lawsuit ever. He lifts names from Toliken, and if he's trying to hide the fact that 90% of the names in Eragon are lifted from McCaffrey and Tolkien, he might add a letter onto the end. Plot is a mixture of Macraffy and Tolkien, but written in such a way that not only was it painful, it was like having some 6th grader try to rip off the readers. The entire story was so predictable, and so cliched that it really can't get much worse.
The worst part of it was that people can read this crap and sy it's good. I nearly went out to buy a copy of the book so I could burn it when I read about the "Varden". Also, it seems like the language in the book is a direct rippoff of sidrian and black tongue. (Ok. The letter Y might have been replaced with I, and the word order may have changed, but it was all from black speech."

I now have about 800 screen caps from Good Will Hunting. About 99% of them are of Matt Damon. I also managed to get an animated version of him dancing in the shrink's chair. It almost feels like I'm staking him.
Since I'm raming my Pics folder of movie caps, I guess I should start capping all the LOTR movies. I haven't gotten to them yet, which is a bit sad. I guess I also have to cap The Talented Mr Ripley, Queen of the Damned, and Underworld. Gotta find good quality clips offline.

Still trying to argue the hair cutting down to 3 inches. It'll only take till about May to grow that back, as opposed to November of next year.